January 3, 2014

How to Prevent Catastrophes

One of the most stressful aspects of managing your life, job or business are those darn SURPRISES. Any job can include surprising catastrophes. You get sued, you get falsely accused of a wrongdoing, the market crashes, you find out an employee has been stealing from you, a crazy man is screaming at your receptionist and

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Making Success

Many people in this world are spectators, watching the world news and the good and bad things happening around them, but not working out solutions or the handlings needed. They are waiting for something to happen. They are followers, not leaders, and so find themselves at the receiving end of a lot of undesirable effects.

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STAGNATING? If you are not going up, you may be going down! Furthermore, have you ever noticed that nothing ever stays the same very long, if at all? Having analyzed over 6,000 practices one-on-one for potential growth, I have found that practices that are not growing are in fact slowly deteriorating – often because the

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Solving Problem

Staying Out Of Corners

Have you ever been presented with a problem or difficult question that has you “floored” and you have NO idea how to solve it? You and your team are no doubt frequently confronted with the need to solve problems. There are many ways people tend to react to being dealt a difficult situation to solve:

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Brainstorming Your Way To Growth

When it comes to planning and executing marketing for your practice to increase the flow of New Patients or Clients, you may sometimes feel that you need a shot of “Creative Juices” or a cup of “Imaginative Genius Genes.” That creativity may be closer than you think. Your staff could be an excellent resource for

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Overwhelmed and Stressed Out?

Ever feel overwhelmed by the number of things you need to accomplish RIGHT NOW OR ELSE? Whether it’s in the next hour, or the next day, or by the end of the week, it can sure create stress and sometimes you may even feel pulled in all directions at once and you’re not sure where

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Schedule Away Some Of Your Stress

What do you mean, my flight left 2 hours ago? Oops! Did I really say I would have that ready by 4 p.m.? … Sorry! Oh dear, I didn’t realize you wanted me to call you back YESTERDAY. Stress creeps into your life in many small ways and one of the biggest sources is TIME

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Job Descriptions and a Policy Manual

If one doesn’t know where the goals posts are in a soccer game, and one doesn’t know that it’s their job to kick the ball in there to win the game, one probably won’t remain long on that team. A play book, a coach and lots of training will often straighten that team member out

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Are you a frustrated practice owner? Are you stressed out? Are there days you feel like quitting? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Here are a bunch of statements made by practice owners BEFORE they hired us. Do any ring true for you? “I was working hard, but seemed to be progressing only very slowly.” “I knew

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Attack of the Sticky Notes

Horror of horrors … sticky notes are taking over your mind, your desk, your computer. Where to hide from these? How to get rid of them? Firstly, having sticky note pads to hand to jot a quick note are not necessarily a bad thing. It is what you do with them and how to organize

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Unlimited Potential

Your Unlimited Potential

Question: What does the word “potentiality” mean? Answer: The capacity for growth or improvement; a possibility; a power. For example, if you sit on a box of dynamite, you are sitting on a potentiality. The dynamite isn’t exploding . . . but it could. Fact: You ARE sitting on a box of dynamite, and it’s

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So You Think You Can Do It All Yourself, Eh?

A healthcare professional recently told me that he has an awesome Office Manager whose true brilliance does not actually shine through because she has burdened herself (and won’t let go) of tasks that can and should be delegated to the other staff, thus freeing herself to help expand the practice, formulate policies for the policy

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