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What would you do with your free time?  AMI asked us that question!

When we started with AMI we were tired, stressed, overworked, overwhelmed!  Take your pick!  We had no idea that the things we would learn would change So many things!!  We learned “how to handle our situation”.   For that, we are forever thankful!

And….. we are enjoying our free time!

Thanks AMI

Dr. Jeremy Fournier
Dr. Jeremy Fournier

The AMI program was exactly what my practice needed. AMI gave me the tools I needed to take control of my practice and life. First, they helped me train and organize my staff. I learned about delegation of duties and not doing everything myself. Second, they taught me how to manage my practice based on the analysis of weekly statistics. My production increased immediately. This allowed me to outfit the office with much needed equipment. The staff has been very receptive to the changes and is recommitted to the practice.

Dr. Karen Archer
Dr. Karen Archer