Brainstorming Your Way To Growth

When it comes to planning and executing marketing for your practice to increase the flow of New Patients or Clients, you may sometimes feel that you need a shot of “Creative Juices” or a cup of “Imaginative Genius Genes.”

That creativity may be closer than you think. Your staff could be an excellent resource for ideas but you may not be tapping into them in the best way. Here is a way to do it: Hold a Brainstorming Session with your whole team once a month or every 3 months (routinely). Let them know in advance when it is going to be and encourage them to do pre-Brainstorming Session research (the internet is a terrific source of new ideas).

Open the floor for staff origination of ideas, new concepts, thoughts, notions, etc. Ensure that money is not an issue in coming up with these marketing ideas. Get them to share their ideas, no matter how “wild”, because it may trigger another great idea in someone else. This is a Brainstorming Session after all. Write all ideas down on a pad. Make a HUMUNGOUS list.

Now work with the team to narrow down the list to what would give the biggest bang for the buck to start working on right away. Obviously it has to fit within your time and money means. But remember, “THINK big to get BIG.” Corollary, “Think small and you’ll stay small.” Avoid thinking small.

Put someone in charge of getting the chosen marketing plan accomplished, and get it going right away and pushed through to a DONE. Then take the next chosen idea on the list and get it DONE and so on.

Have fun, be creative, grow bigger!




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