Schedule Away Some Of Your Stress


What do you mean, my flight left 2 hours ago?
Oops! Did I really say I would have that ready by 4 p.m.? … Sorry!
Oh dear, I didn’t realize you wanted me to call you back YESTERDAY.

Stress creeps into your life in many small ways and one of the biggest sources is TIME stress. Trying to remember not to forget to do everything. Putting off taking actions that were big or small can lead to stress also.

Our Senior Consultant says that he routinely works to help almost every client with the scheduling of their time. Whether it concerns properly scheduling patients, or returning clients’ or patients’ phone calls, talking to various suppliers, accountants, lawyers, your bank, etc., put it in your scheduler.

How about those continuing education courses you are interested in … into your scheduler they go. Then there are the staff meetings, personnel discussions and evaluations, and so on that should be set for pre-arranged times.

What about the party crashers … the patients or clients who show up unannounced hoping to see you? Get in practice policy with them about having pre-set appointments because this can be a disaster … at least from a service perspective. Even emergencies should be correctly scheduled.

Basically, every function that you perform should have a time set aside for it.

With the advent of computerized schedules and smart phones with apps that can record the events of your life with alarms and other reminder systems, scheduling can be easier than you may think.

Time off, without stress, is earned by putting in a little organization.

What would you DO with a little free time? Work it out and schedule it in!




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