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Family Time

Are You Getting Enough Family Time?

Work, work, work.  Sometimes it seems to never end.  Due to the pandemic regulations, many practices have had to extend hours to see the same number of patients as before.  Even when you’re finished treating patients for the day, you may find yourself taking odds and ends of work home with you to finish after

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Patient Loyalty

Improving Patient Loyalty

In a day, a week and a month, you may be treating a fair number of patients and sometimes days can become a blur of faces in and out of your practice. You may get to feeling that you are a bit disconnected from them. Patients can also sense this and you become just another

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Team Work

Petty Stuff vs. Big Picture

In any practice, being that we are all human beings, there can be a lot of petty small stuff that goes on that irritates or aggravates one another and makes working together a bit annoying at times. One of the handlings is to have well written job descriptions, an active policy manual and detailed written

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Stress Buster: Action Plans

Whether you are the practice owner or one of the team, there are certain actions that must be accomplished on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.  Some are standard actions, such as paying bills on a certain day each month for example.  Others are one time only actions such as calling back a patient for one

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new patients

Want More New Patients?

While word of mouth is everyone’s preferred method of acquiring more new business, relying on it as your only marketing “tool” may keep you from reaching the productivity levels you might be wishing for. Marketing is one of the many skills needed in order to have the practice of your dreams.  The one thing that

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Menu of Services vs. Engaging Questions

Having looked at many hundreds of healthcare websites and fliers over the years, we have found that a vast majority listed out all the types of service they offer at their practice. According to the most successful marketing people, this is a big no-no.  For starters, the average patient or client doesn’t necessarily know what

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Enemies Inside Your Practice

“You have enemies?  Good.  That means you’ve stood up for something, some time in your life.” – Winston Churchill As a practitioner or staff in a practice, you probably have a lot of patients or clients streaming through your practice in a day, a week and a month.  You will like many of them, others

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Financial Secuity

Financial Security

Most practitioners (and their staff) long for personal and professional financial security.  Funnily enough, this means different things to different people. Some folks want a ton of money sitting in the bank “in case of emergency,” sometimes as much as $200,000 in cash.  For others, having a week or two of coverage of the bills

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Feasts and Famine

Many healthcare practices suffer from the Feasts and Famines Syndrome, meaning they experience ups and downs in their monthly billings (other than those caused by vacation periods). For some professions, they even expect that and sometimes even welcome it. “February is always slow so we will take our vacation then.” However, is there a cure

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Wishing you an EPIC 2016

Start the New Year off with a strong plan of action reflecting some ambitious goals that you would like to accomplish. There is a famous saying that “you can’t get anywhere if you don’t know where you are headed.” Strategic planning is a key element for the growth of any practice or business. The owner

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Micro Managing

With the growth of a practice or clinic, you as the practice owner may begin to experience a loss of control and a feeling of being run off your feet.  Sometimes a trapped feeling ensues and there can seem to be no time to manage. Often it seems that the financial return takes a turn

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Successful Team

Your Talented Team

Like you, your staff often have hidden talents that could be an asset to the practice in unexpected ways.  These don’t always show up in initial interviews or even every day on the job. For instance, they may be great at interior design, have a green thumb for the plants of the practice, be a

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