Attack of the Sticky Notes

Horror of horrors … sticky notes are taking over your mind, your desk, your computer. Where to hide from these? How to get rid of them?

Firstly, having sticky note pads to hand to jot a quick note are not necessarily a bad thing. It is what you do with them and how to organize them so that the idea or action is accomplished and does not get lost in a giant pile of notes.

There are probably different categories or “reasons” why you have written a sticky note. For instance, it could be a commitment as to a meeting or an appointment. In this case, grab your diary and put it in. Better yet, if you have a smart phone or tablet, put it into your scheduler. Throw out the sticky note. Or, it could be someone’s phone number, in which case get it into your smart phone as quickly as you can so the note doesn’t get lost or hang around.

You get the idea. The note is a very temporary solution and you want to deal with it terminatedly as quickly as you can. You need to break the bad habit of letting them accumulate and formulate the Do-It-Now Habit.

What is the Bad Habit?

It is knowing you need to do something (a task, call someone, walk the dog, etc.) and deciding to do it later. Using sticky notes to accomplish this procrastination is a bad habit. Waste of time.

The Do-It-Now Habit:

The best time to get into a do-it-now habit is, of course, RIGHT NOW!

Sit down and grab all the sticky notes you can find in your area that you have written whether old or new and take each one, one-at-a-time and deal with it. Decide what to do about it. If it is to make a call to a business that is now closed for the day, then diarize it in your diary or scheduler to do tomorrow. Work through the pile one note at a time.

Uncluttering your life of sticky notes can make you feel freer. Try it!


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