Practice Health checkup

Find out how to improve your practice.

Practice Health Checkup

Find out what aspects of your practice are preventing you from reaching your full potential and how they are affecting your personal and financial life.

Take a few minutes to do our free Practice Health Checkup. This diagnostic tool is used to assess the key administrative aspects of your practice and the effects on you personally. You will be able to see visually the exact points that need to be addressed (as shown in this “Sample Results” graph above.)

Simply read the questions on the next page, fill in your answers and click “SUBMIT”.

And then our senior Practice Analyst will meet with you to evaluate the results of the assessment. All aspects of your productivity and profitability will be analyzed, and we will discuss how you can better organize and expand your practice, increase your net income and give you the lifestyle you want.


“Let AMI unlock your potential, it will change your life, it did for us.” James Harrison

“AMI has taught me how to run my practice more efficiently and effectively, resulting in less stress and more production.” Dr. Lori Lahti

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