If you are not going up, you may be going down! Furthermore, have you ever noticed that nothing ever stays the same very long, if at all?

Having analyzed over 6,000 practices one-on-one for potential growth, I have found that practices that are not growing are in fact slowly deteriorating – often because the will to change and continually push forward into the future has waned.

“Why isn’t my practice growing?”

Here are some of the most common reasons: The practitioner has been so sucked down into the minutiae of getting through each day that they have lost sight of their goals. Sometimes it’s because they have felt stopped or defeated so many times that they start giving up and feel more and more tired. But if I ask what was their original ideal for their practice, they often get that spark back in their eyes while telling me about it and I can see the energy coming back to life. It is a bit of magic.

If you are feeling like you are in a rut or a sameness of mediocrity in your practice, maybe it’s time for a self assessment (or ask me to do it for free) to see how far off track you have gotten and re-examine where it is you would like to steer your practice to in the future.

What would put the zing back into your practice for you and your team? Are there things you would like to try but have put aside in the past that you could re-look at and put some energy into? Do your staff have some great ideas that they haven’t shared with you (perhaps because you didn’t ask them)?

“Goals for my practice?”

Are you as fully booked as you want to be? Is your scheduling ideal for optimum efficiency? Are you reaching your goals professionally and financially? Are you working ideal hours for your personal life as well as the practice? Have you put off taking courses to gain new skills?

Have you let yourself become “risk- averse?” Some say that “trying to maintain the status quo and keep things running smoothly” as a goal is just plain boring and deadly. There is no game, no striving to give better quality service and care, no joy to be had in causing growth, no creating of an ever improving future.

How about putting some exuberance and fun into your life and your practice? We have been helping healthcare professionals (over 1,800 so far) do just that for 33 years all across Canada and YOUR success is OUR passion and why WE get up in the morning.




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