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Want to be Luckier?

Have you ever experienced times when you have been very lucky, and then other times not so much?  Wish you could be lucky more of the time?  Is there actually a way to become luckier? From various studies that have been done, the answer to the last question is “yes”!  This doesn’t mean that it

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Do You Have a Time Vampire in Your Practice?

Do you ever reach the end of a day and realize you didn’t get done any of the things you had on your list?  Does your lunch hour get stolen to deal with emergencies?  Do you have to stay after production hours to try and catch up things, and then miss out on seeing your

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Shut the Back Door!

While you may like your patients (or most of them anyway), even the good ones can be a little slippery sometimes, or perhaps your staff at the front desk get a little overly busy and patients slide out the back door without an appointment for their next visit.  Most of them don’t do it on

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4 Secret Ingredients to Increase Your Income

Most practice owners are very busy, overloaded, and going crazy trying to be the healthcare provider these days with all the Covid regulations.  Trying to make a practice profitable, at the same time as finding good staff, and marketing to bring in new patients or clients are just added burdens to the picture. A lot

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The Day the Straw Broke the Camel’s Back

First of all, the phrase “the straw that broke the camel’s back” means a string of annoyances and frustrations that eventually lead to one final irritation that causes a person to lose their patience, get angry, or explode. Example:  This week has left Dr. Beesknees tired and frustrated.  Now at work and in a bad

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Keep them coming back

Activating Inactive Patients

Patients can be slippery people sometimes.  You and your team just have the desire to help them, and yet some of them resist you and do not keep up to date or follow through with your care.  Some of them slip through the cracks and are difficult to reactivate unless they have an emergency to

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10 Ways to Find Good Staff

Due to the pandemic, a high percentage of practices have been hit with staffing issues like never before.  I can’t tell you how many practice owners in the last 10 months have told me, “There are no good staff out there!.” However, during the same time period, hundreds of our clients have in fact found

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Break through

Break Through Your Income Ceiling

Do you feel that your practice has hit an income ceiling yet you feel it could be producing more?  Frustrated with not achieving your true potential?  Feel like you’ve been at the same level and stagnating for a while, and it’s time to change? Some practice owners think, “I’m working so hard, but I just

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Why Isn’t Common Sense More Common?

You think that taking a certain action on the job is OBVIOUS but then your staff go and do the opposite, and you go into apathy or despair of ever getting things done without your constant input or watching over their every move.  How can things go so wrong? Voltaire (French writer back in the

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As healthcare professionals, you have worked tirelessly through long hours, so it is no wonder that you require a well-deserved break.  Given the pre-Covid state of the world, you would probably be taking your vacation to the air or on the road or in the water.  There is no doubt that you could wish any

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A practice is as successful as each of its members is interested in contributing to its success. An individual is as successful as he or she actually contributes to the success of his or her group. Therefore, we can safely assume that in order to expand, succeed and thrive in today’s crazy, overly competitive environment, we all need to abide by agreed

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Emotions Affecting Production?

You and your staff are all human beings, and you have feelings.  A lot of those feelings or emotions are not necessarily under complete control and could often be said to be negative.  Things happen, reactions occur, and stuff is said that may be injurious to otherwise fairly good relationships, right? Often, negative emotions can

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