The Art of Management Inc. was founded in 1989 by Bob and Janice Wheeler to assist Canadian healthcare professionals with the management and expansion of their practices.
AMI is a postgraduate program that teaches healthcare professionals the essential business skills they need to run a profitable and thriving practice. AMI provides an unparalleled combination of training, personal coaching, management, and support systems designed to enrich the professional, personal, and financial lives of healthcare professionals.

Janice Wheeler, president AMI

Janice Wheeler


Janice is the fun and fearless leader of a super talented team of insightful and creative strategists, who passionately deliver exceptional help to their clients in reaching beyond the level of success they envisioned for their practices.  In her off time she is very engaged in volunteering and loves doing photography.


Bob Wheeler

cfo/vp of production

Since 1989, Bob has been dedicated to turning our clients’ goals into realities, allowing them to achieve their personal and professional goals. He helps them learn to run successful stress-free practices. Bob is very into cooking, photography and he is always reading some exciting novel.

Marg Harris

Marg Harris


Marg has been part of the AMI family for over 20 years.  As one of our Consultants Marg has helped over 200 doctors and other health care professionals create and build the practices they always wanted. 

With a steadying hand and extensive management training, she coaches her clients week by week through a morass of issues and barriers to reach the other side where they now have an efficient, profitable practice they love to work in.

Andrea Wheeler

Andrea Wheeler

VP of Administration

Andrea has been with AMI for over 22 years and is the VP of Administration. She is the administrative wizard who keeps everything running like a well-oiled machine. From overseeing hiring processes to maintaining seamless communication channels, she plays a pivotal role in keeping our team synchronized. She is a crucial part of the company’s history and success.

With Andrea at the helm of our administration, we are confident in delivering exceptional performance and achieving our organizational goals.

Olga Pan

Olga Pang

President's Assistant

Olga can make your day full of laughter and smiles, all while ensuring you achieve your daily targets! Her entire life has been enriched by her interactions with children as an alternative midwife and as a director of a children’s development center. She is also a proud mother of two sons and one daughter, a stepmother to three daughters, a godmother to six children, and a grandmother to three boys and one girl.

With experience as a business professional in the health, wellness practice, and education industries, Olga also is an experienced instructor for courses on Life Improvement, Business, and Literacy. She dedicates herself to volunteer work aimed at improving society and enriching lives. With a passion for outdoor activities Olga is always looking for opportunities for fun and staying active!

Guillaume Giraud, client admin AMI

Guillaume Giraud

Client Administration

Guillaume is the French touch at AMI. His mission is to efficiently and promptly handle customer requests with dedication. Always wearing a smile, he has a passion for assisting people. Whenever you need information or support, Guillaume will be there to assist you as quickly as possible. With a master’s degree in ‘Expert in Digital Strategy’ from Digital Campus in France, he is adept at finding answers to your inquiries.

Outside of work, Guillaume takes advantage of good weather to play soccer, and when he’s at home, he enjoys indulging in good cheese and charcuterie with his friends.

Shushan Marketing

Shushan Basoyan

Marketing Specialist

Learn more about us and meet our marketing assistant, a Schulich Business School graduate who majoured in marketing and never stops learning and improving. With over four years experience in management and marketing, this solution-oriented specialist is always going the extra mile to help the company be able to help more clients.  

With an entrepreneurial mindset and a knack for creative solutions, Shushan is not just a good team player, but a self-directed solo performer who’s ready to tackle any challenging marketing duties that come her way. Her ultimate goal? To make contributions and make great things happen in any environment – all while traveling the world and spreading joy and happiness wherever she goes.

Mayra Jimenez

Mayra Jimenez

Marketing Assistant

Mayra, a rising star in business management, excels as a Marketing Assistant with precision and efficiency. She plays a vital role in supporting the team and contributing to its success. With a great willingness to learn and a passion for efficiency, she ensures that every task is executed with precision and excellence.

In her free time, she spends her time embroidering, crafting with texture art, and cooking delicious dishes for her family and friends. Mayra is an invaluable asset, helping AMI to excel and empower our journey to greatness as we work together for success.


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