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Many people in this world are spectators, watching the world news and the good and bad things happening around them, but not working out solutions or the handlings needed. They are waiting for something to happen. They are followers, not leaders, and so find themselves at the receiving end of a lot of undesirable effects. Throwing up their hands and saying that nothing can be done about it is apathy and is a very unsatisfactory way of life.

Create the Goals First

To make yourself successful, you must start with making strong goals that you want to achieve more than anything else. It can be for yourself personally, and for your family, and another for your business, and maybe even some kind of contribution that helps mankind as a whole.

The future is like an empty field. No one is playing on it yet. You can run out there and start the game.

Get Agreement and Willingness to Help

You need to really WANT to reach these goals and put passion into them and get everyone connected with the goals to be in agreement and wanting to help achieve them. Many goals take a whole group to bring about and there needs to be really cool rewards for reaching very stiff goals.

Take the First Step

Sit down and take one goal at a time and work out the steps in sequence that you need to take to bring it about. When you are happy with that, set a time frame for it to be accomplished in. Then, TAKE THE FIRST STEP and get it done. Then the next, and so on.

Keep it Fresh

Some people post these goals and steps on their fridge, or on their bulletin board at the office if it is for the practice. This keeps it in their face and fresh. They then mark off each step as it is accomplished. Finally, when the last step is done, THEY CELEBRATE!

And here is the most important thing at this point: MAKE A NEW GOAL and get going on THAT one.



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