So You Think You Can Do It All Yourself, Eh?


A healthcare professional recently told me that he has an awesome Office Manager whose true brilliance does not actually shine through because she has burdened herself (and won’t let go) of tasks that can and should be delegated to the other staff, thus freeing herself to help expand the practice, formulate policies for the policy manual, manage the team in a more effective manner, and so on.

Our Consultants also find this to be true in the case of our healthcare professionals. They sometimes feel the need for rollerblades as they dash around the clinic performing functions that could have been done perfectly well by a member of the TEAM if they were properly trained and delegated to. We find that most good staff want a chance to shine too!

When we have trained our clients as executives and they have gained the tools to correctly train and delegate to their staff, their staff are then properly utilized and everyone will feel the stress coming off. Morale goes up with increased production.

The ultimate purpose of a practice is to deliver ideal service to every patient or client who walks in the door. That can best be achieved (and with a lot less stress) if the whole team is empowered to take full ownership of their part on the TEAM.

Let them ALL shine!



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