Are you a frustrated practice owner? Are you stressed out? Are there days you feel like quitting?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Here are a bunch of statements made by practice owners BEFORE they hired us. Do any ring true for you?

“I was working hard, but seemed to be progressing only very slowly.”

“I knew nothing and had no interest in the area of management.”

“The addition of a new associate had stalled my patient flow.”

“I soon became overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing.”

“A year ago, I was ready to quit dentistry. Every day seemed dull and uninteresting.”

“Life was hectic and stressful!”

“I was having a hard time managing my two offices.”

“Tired and overwhelmed by the daily grind and demands in my life …”

“I always had steady growth but also ever increasing stress levels.”


“It helps you embellish YOUR vision of YOUR practice. No cookie cutter solutions here! You are in the driver’s seat and you can take your practice anywhere you want.”

“I have surpassed my expectations and I am thrilled…”

“AMI helped our practice to be more efficient, productive, organized, and helped us to be able to run the office as managers.”

“The financial return has been quite significant as well.”

“The end result is I am much happier and our overall office environment is much more enjoyable. … happy, content staff.”

“Now I have more time at home with my family and more free time for activities outside the office.”

“AMI taught me to plan with success in mind and move ahead and take charge.”

“More than this being an investment into my practice, it has been an investment into a better life.”

“It has empowered me to take control of my practice and achieve a level of productivity I never thought possible one year ago.”

“After almost 20 years in practice, I never imagined that work could still be so much fun and exciting.”

“My practice has doubled in production since taking the course.”

“They [AMI] trained me as the owner to be a better manager and a smarter business person.”

“Best of all, I am enjoying practicing again.”

Clearly, it is FACTUALLY possible to have your cake and eat it too!!!

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