How to Prevent Catastrophes

One of the most stressful aspects of managing your life, job or business are those darn SURPRISES.

Any job can include surprising catastrophes. You get sued, you get falsely accused of a wrongdoing, the market crashes, you find out an employee has been stealing from you, a crazy man is screaming at your receptionist and won’t leave, a staff member quits without notice, and so on.

Odds are good you will be hit with several surprises in your life. How you handle these are the key to your continued success.

Bad Solutions

You might be so afraid of catastrophes that you take them too seriously…or you decide to stop succeeding…or to earn less money…or to be less aggressive…or less passionate. Some people try and be small and insignificant so people won’t trouble them, and so on. All of these are bad solutions.

Surprise Insurance

Your best insurance against catastrophes is to learn to predict them and plan for them IN ADVANCE. When you have a plan for a disaster, you are ready for it Instead of reacting to the problem, while upset and prone to making mistakes, you take command of the situation. You resolve it with your plan. Your prosperity continues.

Example: You can’t sleep because you MUST get to work on time to give a presentation. So instead of tossing and turning in your bed, you turn on the lights. You write down every reason you might be late. You plan how to handle each. You set two alarm clocks and a wind-up alarm in case the power goes out. You figure out another way to get to work in case your car won’t start. You lay out your clothes and set up your coffee maker. You are now prepared! You get in bed and instantly fall asleep.

Once you have a plan or pattern for handling every conceivable surprise, you can relax. And guess what…you will probably never need those plans BECAUSE you are prepared.



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