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Filling your practice up to the brim with patients you love to treat is the goal that 90% of our clients ask for and receive our help with.  Sometimes, we even get carried away and our client gets so far booked out that we now have to help them acquire an awesome associate to come help.  There are several secrets to how to get this fully-booked practice, but you don’t need miracles — just standard actions successfully taken consistently.  And voila … you get what you wished for with The Art of Management!

Marketing with the Art of management
Marketing with the Art of management

Effective Marketing

There are literally hundreds to thousands of patients who need you.  They just haven’t met you yet!  Our marketing strategies with our clients get you in front of those people in many different ways, from traditional to digital so the new patients can find you and choose you over your competition.  Waiting for word of mouth to fill your practice is probably not working for you to the extent that you need, so taking some precise actions to turn on the new patient tap is vital.

The Art of Management coaching program

Private Coaching

Super-experienced consultants of The Art of Management have literally coached more than 1,800 practices over the last 33 years and have gained priceless experience extending from startups, to build ups, to multiples, to exit strategies, and so on.  They have the exact tools finely- honed to help you get where you want your practice to go without taking wrong turns and detours.  They are truly “solutions architects.”  In addition to the consulting, we have short modules that train you on the management skills you need to keep your practice thriving on your own forever after.

The Art of Management coaching program
work-life balance with the art of management

Work/Life Balance

If we had a nickel for every new client who said they wanted a better work/life balance, we’d be rich!  Working hard and playing hard are both desirable, but often work takes over and you can arrive home for a late dinner and too exhausted to enjoy family time or other activities.  Efficiency and control of your scheduling can make a day become a breeze and you can go home energized from all the great  care and service you gave today. 

Dr. Karen Archer
Dr. Karen ArcherDentist
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Since starting the program, our monthly production has doubled. More importantly, I have reduced my stress and am in control of my own practice. Thank you to my consultant and all AMI staff.
Dr. Michael McLauchlin
Dr. Michael McLauchlinChiropractor
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The AMI program helped me bring my staff together as a cohesive team, allowing them to be part of the successes we are now enjoying. I highly recommend the program at The Art Of Management to everyone regardless of how long you have been practicing.
Dr. Nawar Touchan
Dr. Nawar TouchanPeriodontist
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I very strongly endorse the AMI program, and can personally attest to the impressive outcomes that the professional consultants can help to deliver to your business.
Dr. Mohamad S. Salamé
Dr. Mohamad S. SalaméDentist
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Signing up with AMI was the best decision I ever made for myself, my staff and my practice.
Erin Fairbanks
Erin Fairbanks Chiropodist
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In less than 4 months, I’ve had almost a 100% increase in billings! … and all of this in fewer hours. Thank you AMI for the tremendous difference you have made to my life!
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