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Ep 14 – Pandemic Survival Tool for Your Practice

Ep 13 – Side effects of covid-19 on your practice

Ep 12 – Good Boss, Bad Boss

Ep 11 – How To Be More Successful In Your Life

Ep 10 – Take control of your practice

Ep 9 – Patient Education (part 3)

Ep 8 – Patient Education (Part 2)

Ep 7 – Patient Education (Part 1)

Ep 6 – How To Increase Patient Referrals

Ep 5 – How to Increase Patient Numbers

Ep 4 – Job Descriptions

Ep 3 – A Calm Working Environment

Ep 2 – The Ideal Employee

Ep 1 – Formulating a Winning Team

Healthcare Professionals

Your Dream Team

Practice Owners: Micro Managing

The Art of Management : Quality

Optometrists: The Real Reason For Stress and Burnout

Dentists: Taking Care Of Business

Principles of Prosperity

Chiropractors: Kid Power

Don’t Let Your Practice Take the Summer Off

The Next Level – Does It Really Equal To More STRESS

Who Is Driving
The Bus Anyway