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Successfully running a healthcare practice is no easy task. Janice Wheeler, the president of AMI and her team share their insights on what healthcare practice owners can do to help their business grow without sacrificing their work-life balance.

Whether you own a health care practice or just want to learn more about practice management, these are the podcasts for you!

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Ep. 124 - Your Goals

When you began your practice, you had your goals to achieve. However, at times, you might feel a little knocked down and dragged out in your practice. Listen to this podcast to learn how to restore the joy of coming into work every single morning and having fun!

Ep. 123 - The Appearance of Your Practice

In this episode, you will learn about how your practice’s appearance can affect your marketing.

Have fun listening!

Ep. 122 - Phone Etiquette 101 ?

Having good phone etiquette is essential to anybody answering phones in a professional setting.

Listen to this episode to learn some important things to consider when answering the phone in a practice.

Ep. 121 - Can You Fly Higher?

Can you achieve more success in your practice? Sometimes, the people around us can help or hold us back.

Listen to this podcast to find out more!

Ep. 120 - Are You Losing Business?

This episode covers a number of crucial aspects of your practice that can make or break how successful it is. Join us as we explore strategies to ensure your practice runs smoothly and experiences continuous growth!

Ep. 119 - Practice Owner Decisions

Things to consider before you hire an office manager!

Ep. 118 - 4 Secret Ingredients to Increase Your Income

Looking for practical ways to increase your practice’s income? In today’s episode, we’re delving into the four secret ingredients that can help you achieve that. As many healthcare practitioners juggle patient care and practice management, finding the right approach to increasing income is crucial. Today we’ll focus on actionable strategies that you can implement right within your practice.

Ep. 117 - 17 Ultimate Ways To Grow Your Practice

Inflation is hitting hard and your practice is feeling it. How can you make more money without working more hours?

I am Janice Wheeler, president AMI. In this podcast, I will show 17 proven ways to grow your practice in any economy. You will learn how to attract more patients, get more referrals, and schedule smarter. These are simple and effective strategies that you can implement right away. Don’t let inflation stop you from reaching your goals. Listen to this podcast and find out how to grow your practice now.


Ep 116 - Diminishing Profits in Your Practice

Ready to turn the tide on diminishing profits in your healthcare practice? Our engaging podcast has got you covered! Join us as we dive into the challenges of increased competition, pricing woes, and more. Tune in now and let’s take your profits to the next level!

Ep 115- Asking Patients to Pay Their Bills

Today’s topic is all about asking patients to pay for services and the art of doing collections at the front desk of a healthcare practice. We understand that it can be challenging to collect payments from patients, especially the difficult ones. But we’re here to share tips and tricks on how to handle these situations with ease and finesse.

Ep 114- Put a Shark in Your Tank

Listen to this exciting episode of our podcast as we share a fun and intriguing story that we call “Put a Shark in Your Tank.” Discover why fresh fish and running a practice go hand in hand, and learn how to incorporate this valuable lesson into your own business.


Ep 113- Taking a Break

This episode is about taking a break and I don’t mean a long break, I’m talking about short vacations like a weekend getaway and why those are beneficial for you as a practice owner.


Ep 112- Putting Some Fun into the Workplace

Due to Canada’s cultural ethnic and religious diversity there are so many opportunities to have fun and celebrate various holidays and other festivities and special days of the year, Healthcare practices can have a lot of staff, patients, and clients of different cultures, and these are opportunities to show you care about them and celebrate with them!

Ep 111 - Is Second Best Okay?

Everyone wants to do things absolutely perfectly in their practice and don’t want to settle for anything that isn’t ideal. However, sometimes this exaggerated sense of perfection can actually prevent real production. Listen to this podcast to learn how you can handle this.

Ep 110- Ditch the old and accept the new

In order to push yourself into the future, you should learn how to leave the past behind.

Times are changing, keep up!

Ep 109 - Is Procrastination Hurting Your Profit?

Procrastination is something many of us are guilty of, some more than others. It usually results in stress, feelings of guilt and crisis. And yes, productivity often suffers as a result and thus can affect your profitability.

If you find that you are suffering from this in any way, listen to this podcast for some easy fixes.

Ep 108 - Your Team Is Your Foundation

While it is true that you could practice all by yourself with no staff to support you, you will never grow to any size and may eventually just wear yourself out.  No foundation to support you as the main provider! How do you create this strong foundational team?

Ep 107 - On the Verge of Greatness

How do you take your practice that is on the verge of greatness all the way there?


Ep 106 - Positivity and the Half Full Cup

How to handle your own thoughts and those around you when everything seems to be going wrong? Listen to this podcast and find out!

Ep 105 - Can't Get Away From Work?

These days with cell phones, texting and email it seems that getting away from the practice is not as easy as it use to be back in the days when you could walk out the door and you were gone and incommunicado. What are the solutions these days? 

Ep 104 -Make Time For What You Want

Do you feel like there is never enough time in your day to get everything done? Listen to this Podcast to get some help on how to handle that!

Ep 103 -Never Give Up

What should you do if it all seems to be too much and you want to give up?
Listen to this podcast to find out!

Ep 102 -Creative Marketing to Expand Your Business

Ever wondered what is the biggest secret to flourishing and prospering in your practice? The fact of the matter is, practices that are doing well today were early adopters of the latest and often most unique marketing strategies. There are literally hundreds of marketing ideas out there, here are just a few creative ways to help you get started!

Ep 101 -Mood Boosters in the Practice

In this Podcast, Janice will give you some unique and fun tips to lift the mood for both your staff and your patients. Tune in also, for a special secret tip, proven to build your practice using…games!

Ep 100 -Resolving arguments!

We have all said or even done things in the heat of an argument that we later come to regret. In this episode, Janice explains the secret element and tips needed to resolve almost any argument. Listen and find out how you can learn to smooth out relationships in business and in your personal life!

Ep 99 - Feeling Too Much Pressure

Put the “zing” back into your life and love your job again! In this Podcast we will be going over the top 10 pressure points facing practice owners today. Have a listen and find out what you need to be doing to make your practice run smoother and more efficiently while taking much of the pressure off of you!

Ep 98 - Interview Questions: Do's and Don'ts!

Are you looking to hire new staff? Today we will be discussing how to effectively conduct a job interview to filter out those who are non-committal and disinterested. What a candidate chooses to say in response to a basic question can be very telling!

Ep 97 - Business Cards Are Valuable

Business cards can help you grow your practice and keep your existing patients. Listen to this informative podcast and learn the key tools and strategies that will help you design an effective business card.

Ep 96 - Increasing Word of Mouth

Listen to learn how you can increase the number of patients and create a referral based practice!

Ep 95 - Don't let your practice take the summer off

Here are some tips to ensure that your summer is fun but profitability does not crash!

Ep 94 - Marketing Made Easier

This podcast is a breakdown and summation of marketing types you should have in place in your practice for optimal growth.


Ep 93 - How To Get Mad Politely

There are times when it is appropriate to get mad. However, the degree to which you are mad can have good or bad effects on people. In a business setting it would be inappropriate to get mad loudly. So here is a way to do it politely but get your point across.

Ep 92 - Growing your Practice through Creative Marketing

Here are a whole assortment of marketing ideas to bust open the growth of your practice!

Ep 91 - 9 ways to get luckier

What?… You weren’t born lucky? Want to know how to get luckier? Have fun listening to this podcast.

Ep 90 - A leader is Created

Leaders are created, not born. No matter how good you are already, there’s always room to grow into that role further. Here are some ideas…

Ep 89 - Staff Performance Reviews

Staff Performance Reviews if done in the right way will result in a more productive, fulfilled staff with the ultimate outcome of a peak performing practice.

Ep 88 - Running Behind Schedule

There are 4 or 5 reasons that it happens and there are several solutions.  Your patients will thank you for it and so will your staff.

Ep 87 - Do You Have a Time Vampire in Your Practice?

If you feel frustrated by not getting enough done in a day, perhaps you have a Time Vampire or two in your practice. Here are places to look.

Ep 86 - Gold Bars Hidden in Your Practice!

Did you know that you actually have quite a bit of gold bars hanging around your practice that could be found and used to pay your bills every month! Here are some clues as to where they are!

Ep 85 - Hiring Superstars

In this special episode, we reveal the exact methodology for finding your ideal candidates. These are the successful actions that our clients have used to put together ideal teams.

Ep 84 - Fighting Lethargy

If you start feeling like you’re slowing down and feeling lazy, here’s the way to fight your way back to life again!

Ep 83 - Out of Control Practice?

Ever feel overwhelmed by the minutia of running an efficient practice? Here are two solutions! Ever feel overwhelmed by the minutia of running an efficient practice? Here are two solutions!

Ep 82 - The Magic of Marketing

Here are four important tips to drive new business into your practice!

Ep 81 - How to Stay Interested in Life

Taking on challenges keeps you fresh and excited about life.

Ep 80 - The Top 4 Website Errors

Does your practice website have any of the four top errors that prevent an influx of new patients?

Ep 79 - A Key Executive Tool

If you feel rushed off your feet as the practitioner and you never get time to properly manage your practice, here is a tool for you to make your life less stressful and more profitable.

Ep 78 - Bad Debt Vs. Good Debt

As a practice owner, there is certain debt that is inevitable in a practice. Sometimes it can get out of control though, and here are some thoughts on how to handle that.

Ep 77 - Doctor Vs Executive

Although 90% of your day is probably being the doctor, the C.E.O. is the person who is responsible for the profitability of the practice.

Ep 76 - Have you lost your passion for what you do?

Hopefully today’s podcast will inspire you to put the passion back in your life and give you some tools on how to do that. The secret to success is to get started so have fun listening to this podcast and then go for it!

Ep 75 - Mid year review of your practice

At the start of your year you may have set up a bunch of goals for your practice for the year as most people do. Also, most people forget about them as the year goes along. Here is a series of questions for your mid-year review to see how you’re doing and what you need to step up the production on.

Ep 74 - Is it Time to Reboot Your Practice

There comes a time in the life of any practice and practice owner when it’s time to reboot or change up your practice and take it to a whole new level. Here is today’s thoughts on getting started on this. Enjoy!


When life deals you unexpected hammer blows that threaten to cave you in, here is something you can do to recover quickly.

Ep 72 - Overcoming Life's Barriers

Sometimes barriers come up that can seem insurmountable and you have a choice of viewing them as a challenge and overcoming them or just giving up. Here is a little formula to help you overcome them!

Ep 71 - Make Your Practice Busier

If you have holes in your practice schedule or insufficient patients to keep you fully booked, check out these 10 different ways that that can be solved.

Ep 70 - The Difference Between Success and Failure

There are a lot of key factors connected with success and make a difference between that and failure. Here is one of the essential ones.

Ep 69 - Curiosity as a Leadership Characteristic

How do you get your staff and patients to open up to you better? Have fun listening to this podcast and find out!

Ep 68 - A Can-Do Attitude Wins the Day

Want more positivity and initiative and resourcefulness on the part of your staff? Would you love a can-do attitude from everyone in terms of the growth of your practice? Have fun listening to this podcast!

Ep 67 - A Surprising Tool to Promote Your Practice

On the lookout for a new way of promoting that not everybody is using already? Here’s a couple for you!

Ep 66 - Creating an Effective Mission Statement

To help you love your business or practice again, try creating a powerful mission statement that aligns all of your staff in the same direction and experience the love again! Here is a simple step by step method.

Ep 65 - Ramp Up, or Exit Strategy

There comes a point in your practice when you reach a crossroads and you start wondering which path to take. Here are a list of questions to help you in this process.

Ep 64 - 6 Bottlenecks Preventing Profits

If you feel your practice is not as profitable as you would like, have a listen to this podcast and find out what the six possible bottlenecks are that are preventing your profits.

Ep 63 - Update, Renovate, or Relocate Your Practice

Should you update, renovate, or relocate your practice? For many doctors these days, this is a good question to be asking yourself. Stagnating and staying the same for too long looks bad on you and wears on you personally as well. Here are some thoughts to consider to help you with your decision.

Ep 62 - Fun and Games for the Staff

Sometimes things get too boring, too routine or too tedious and it’s time to liven some things up for them. Here is a really good suggestion!

Ep 61 - Staff vs Boss, who's the real problem?

As the boss you can get quite frustrated with your team for not following through and getting orders done that you have given them that will improve the practice. Who’s at fault? You’ll be surprised!

Ep 60 - Barely Surviving in Practice?

Why is it that some practitioners and their practices do so very well while others are just getting by there are many reasons and here are some of them.

Ep 59 - Why Bonus Systems Often Fail

Bonus systems are a great idea for inspiring staff to be more productive but they often fail.  What can you do about that?

Ep 58 - Front Desk Staff Have It Rough!

Being the staff member at the front of the practice can be quite the hotspot with people coming and going, phone calls coming and going, it can be quite dizzying at times. As a result, the income of the practice can be quite impacted in a negative way. What to do about this?

Ep 57 - Staff Pay Issues - Part 2 of 2

Continued on from the last episode…This is a very touchy topic that is filled with many conflicting opinions and ideas, and in many cases, it is a matter of a lack of communication, agreements and understanding on both “sides” that causes the difficulties.

Ep 56 - Staff Pay Issues - Part 1 of 2

his is a very touchy topic that is filled with many conflicting opinions and ideas, and in many cases, it is a matter of a lack of communication, agreements and understanding on both “sides” that causes the difficulties.

Ep 55 - What Your Competitors Are Doing

Many practitioners come to work in the morning, do their work, and go home at the end of the day, completely oblivious to the changing world around them and then wonder (once in a blue moon) why their practice is not growing … or, even worse, is slowly shrinking.

Marketing is a rapidly changing landscape, evolving and evolving and seems hard to keep up with. But there are certain key elements to know and use as your stable reference points.

Ep 54 - How To Bring The World To Your Door

There are tons of false promises out in the market place selling you on the best way to drive in more patients and promoting that as “the most outrageously successful marketing tool” to date. You sometimes buy in, and almost as often, you regret it.

So what is the solution?

Ep 53 - Interview with Alex Zlatin of Maxident: Marketing strategies for Practice Owners during Covid-19

In this interview, Alex Zlatin CEO of Maxident shares his insights on Marketing strategies for Practice Owners during Covid-19

Ep 52 - Marketing The Benefits of Your Practice

Having looked at thousands of healthcare websites and fliers, etc.  over the years, we have found that a vast majority listed out (usually  on the front page) all the types of services they offer at their clinic.

According to the most successful marketing specialists, this is a big no-no. So what should you be doing?

Ep 51 - Popular Myths About Making Profit

Having enough “profit” (surplus) in life puts your future under your  own control – both in your business and in your personal life.

However, many people feel that “life” has a way of spending everything they make and it seems impossible to ever “get ahead.”

Ep 50 - A Better Future

Most healthcare professionals who are running a practice feel that they are doing all they can do and that there is nothing further that can be done that will make a difference. But the truth is, there is always room for improvement and room for you to secure a better future for you and your practice.

Ep 49 - Ejecting a Patient or A Client From Your Practice

It’s not the easiest thing in the world when you have a patient or client that you would rather not treat. Here are some ways to deal with that.

Ep 48 - The Stress Of Indecision

There are so many decisions that need to be made in your life. Sometimes you can have a little indecision.

Ep 47 - Extreme Service

Providing  excellent customer experience starts with a genuine desire to delight your patients and tend to their needs, but you also have to think beyond selling your services. What can you do to make the whole patient experience magnificent?

Ep 46 - Interview With Marc Nadeau: Human Resources Laws And Handling Legal Matters In Your Practice

VITAL information on Human Resources laws and regulations that every healthcare practitioner MUST know about.

Ep 45 - 6 Cool Things To Learn As A Boss

Working for a good boss is a very motivating experience. It makes staff work even harder and give their very best efforts while at the same time enjoying their job.

Ep 44 - The Definition of Insanity

The definition of insanity is: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!

If things are not going the way you want them to go in your practice and, you feel like you are going around in circles trying the same solutions over and over again, you need to listen to this episode.

Ep 43 - Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt that you can hide under the covers for a few more hours even tho you had enough sleep? where does this impulse come from?

With all what is happening around us it feels more daunting than ever, but there are ways to handle these feelings.

Ep 42 - How To Waste Money On Marketing

Marketing Budgets for healthcare practices sometimes are already too tight, and you simply don’t have the time or finances for things that don’t work, therefore, when you do something that ACTUALLY WORKS you do not want to let it go to waste.

Ep 41 - The Overly Busy Practice

Do you sometimes feel you are racing around your practice like a mad man? Tired of eating supper at 9 PM because that’s the soonest you can come home? Life is busy and everyone is trying to find their balance between work and time away from the practice.  In order to achieve this, you need to assess your situation and focus on what needs to be done do get out of the vicious cycle you are stuck in.

Ep 40 - Effective Ways to Control Your Stress

Every part of your business has the potential to stress you out and keep you up at night – lack of patients, too much debt, not enough money, staff issues, problems with equipment, etc. Your mind will constantly be going. All your problems and thoughts will be whirling around, making you tired and anxious.
What are you missing that will help clear your confusion and alleviate your stress?

In this episode, Janice Wheeler shares her thoughts on the reasons most healthcare practice owners are stressed and how to manage it.

Ep 39 - How To Get In Trouble With Your Staff

Strong emotions can cloud your judgment and cause you to make quick and inaccurate assumptions.  In important settings, like when you have a meeting with your staff, try to resist instant negative reactions to emotional assumptions you’re making in the moment. Instead, suppress your urge to snap at your staff, and ask questions to clarify and better assess the situation.

Having said that, we know it is easier said than done!

Ep 38 - Why Bosses Get Cranky

Some days you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you own a business, but you aren’t trained to run a business. At the same time you have to treat patients all day long, and it’s hard to do both at the same time especially when you haven’t been schooled to do so. 

From hiring to insurance claims to performance reviews, etc… There is a lot that is going through your mind as a practice owner.

Ep 37 - Life-Work Balance

Striking that perfect balance between career and family has always been a challenge for Canadian Practice owners . Their schedules are getting busier than ever before, which often causes their work or their personal lives to suffer. After all what we all strive to be happier, work less, be efficient, and have a harmonious team!

In the episode Janice Wheeler shares her tips on how to go about achieving this goal and avoiding burnout!

EP 36 - Stabilizing New Staff Members

Some days you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you own a business, but you aren’t trained to run a business. At the same time you have to treat patients all day long, and it’s hard to do both at the same time especially when you haven’t been schooled to do so. 

From hiring to insurance claims to performance reviews, etc… There is a lot that is going through your mind as a practice owner.

Ep 35 - The Department of First Impressions

How important is the staff that is manning your front desk? EXTREMELY.

First impressions are crucial. Giving a bad first impression can lose you the confidence of your patients, and even cost you business. The first impressions you give your patient will set the tone for your future Dr-patient relationship and shows that you are professional and prepared. However, it is not difficult to give a good first impression every time by following a few simple guidelines.

Ep 34 - Handling The "I Can't Afford It" Objection

Getting the patient go ahead with the ideal care might be like pulling teeth (pun intended).  Practitioners often find challenges when it comes to getting their patients to go ahead with the IDEAL TREATMENT they need. One of the  most common things practitioners hear from their patients is “I can’t afford it, It is too much”. The Good news is there are simple strategies that you can implement during treatment presentation that will help  you -as the practitioner- deliver the exceptional service you desire for your patients!

Ep 33 - Getting To Know Your New Patients

Your new patients are important. They came to you because they NEED you. Therefore, establishing a bond between you and your new patient is necessary to gain their trust and, in turn, reinforcing communication between both of you.

Ep 32 - Bad Future Or Good Future

Pretty much everyone experiences times or even days when things are NOT all right in their universe and the future can look bleak or even black.  Business is not always smooth flowing and going in the right direction.

Ep 31 - How To Get More Patients Into Your Practice

Between increased competition and insurers limiting coverage, many practices are looking for new and progressive techniques to maintain a steady flow of patients. But Patients have their pick of private practices. How do you make yours stand out to get more patients and increase revenue?

Ep 30 - Dealing With People in The Workplace Isn't Always Easy

Ever encountered someone who frustrates you so much that you feel like you want to pull your hair and just scream out loud? You’re not alone.

Healthcare practices are filled with all kinds of different personalities, and while most of them are great, you can’t get along with everyone all the time. There are, however, ways to work around that.

In this episode Janice Wheeler goes over strategies to properly deal with people in a professional way.

Ep 29 - Are You Losing Your Profit Margin?

As a practice owner, are you interested in increasing the profitability of your practice? If yes, you are in good company with almost all practitioners. After 7 years of post-secondary education, on-going continuing educational courses, a major investment into starting or buying your practice, and a lot of sweat equity, you really DO deserve to have a profitable business, right?

So how can you increase your profitability?

Ep 28 - Building loyalty With Staff and Patients

You can’t demand loyalty nor command it.  You build it through caring about the other person and their welfare, and by standing by them no matter what.  Honesty, trust and respect add up to loyalty. 

Ep 27 - Bosses Vs. Leaders - Which one are you?

While a leader can be a boss, not every boss is a leader. Many practice owners have gotten very bogged down in the management of their practices by trying to be “the boss.”  That word can even carry with it some negative connotations and an expectancy on the part of the staff that the boss is going to give them difficult orders or force them to do them. Maybe if we look at what a boss really should be it will help: he should be “a leader.”

Ep 26 - How to Deal With Negative Feedback and Criticism

Getting negative feedback is never easy. But criticism is an inevitable part of life and in the office and you shouldn’t try to avoid it. Because, if you can learn to handle negative feedback effectively, it will be a crucial skill that will help you the healthcare professional spot areas that need improvement in your practice.

Ep 25 - Vaccinate your Practice Against Covid-19

In a weird way, Covid-19 has snuck into many practices, not the disease itself, but dis-ease about the disease.  It is quite insidious how it has crept in and lodged itself in the body of many practices.   The answer is to “vaccinate” your practice against it.

Ep 24 - 3 Golden Rules to Communicate Better and Avoid Arguments

Avoiding arguments in the workplace plays a pivotal role in maintaining work efficiency and staff’s morale. An escalating disagreement can be devastating to the future of your healthcare practice.

Ep 23 - How To Have More Patience With your Patients

Being Patient while dealing with your people is a skill that can be honed in order for you to deliver the exceptional patient experience patients/clients expect from you!
We know that patients come from different backgrounds with different emotional states and different expectations. But there are situations that try even the most patient among us.

Ep 22 - FIVE Seriously Good Hiring Questions

The interview and hiring process can be very disturbing, annoying, aggravating, frustrating … pick your favourite word.  The complaints are often that there are no good candidates applying.  While that may be true, it may just be that you are not putting out the right messages to attract seriously good people.

Ep 21 - Update, Renovate or Move Your Healthcare Practice?

When you own a clinic, there comes a time when you feel that you should be updating and renovating it. However, this can mean a major effort on your part. A full renovation will take a lot of time and money. You might as well consider moving to a new place altogether!

Ep 20 - How To Deliver Exceptional Patient Experience

Nowadays, patient experience is more important than ever.
Low patient satisfaction scores can really affect your practice’s reputation and in turn, affect your income. Practices that are able to create exceptional patient experiences while delivering quality care will consistently win the loyalty and business of patients.

Ep 19 - Internal Marketing (IMAGE! IMAGE! IMAGE!)

Many practices, having been around for a while, get a sort of tired, unchanging look that patients actually subconsciously notice. Referrals by your existing patients can subtly suffer as a result.

There are many inexpensive ways to improve the look of your practice and you should continually look for ways to change it up and impress your patients.

Ep 18 - How To Be Graceful Under Pressure

Displaying grace under pressure is all about staying calm and mature in stressful or problematic situations. In this Episode Janice Wheeler gives some insight on how to practice grace while you are under pressure.

EP 17 - Marketing Tip: DIG DEEP!

In these hard times, you (The practice owner) should be looking at ways to recall more patients back to your healthcare practice after the reopening.

EP 16 - What do you ultimately want for your practice?

In the chaos of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns it is important that you know where you’re going and how to get there. Here are some steps and suggestions in this 12-minute video. Enjoy!

Ep 15 - Keeping your Practice Alive

At this moment in time with mandatory shut-downs of most practices (except for emergencies), you can view this crisis as dangerous or you can view it as an opportunity. Listen to find out how!

Ep 14 - Pandemic Survival Tool for Your Practice

Even in this very stressful and worrisome time, we must focus as much of our attention as possible on preparing for the return to normalcy. You have a patient or client base that are your peeps or your community, and it is extremely important for you to be an uplifting leader and trusted expert for them. Here are a couple of suggestions of how to use this time of lockdown to strengthen your patient base and bring back into the fold those who have fallen away. 

Ep 13 - Side effects of covid-19 on your practice

You may find when you reopen your practice after COVID-19 is over that there may be certain side effects on your practice and here are some ideas on how you can prevent that.

Ep 12 - Good Boss, Bad Boss

Have you ever wondered how your staff view you as a Boss? There are so many shades between a bad boss and a super awesome boss!
You have to realize that it is you, the Executive/owner of your practice, that is going to set the bar on how well your staff perform and in turn, how your practice will do in the short and long run!

Ep 11 - How To Be More Successful In Your Life

Successful People have certain qualities that help them achieve their desired goals. Some of these qualities are forged habits, taking on opportunities and having drive and energy while doing everything they set their mind to do!
In this episode Janice Wheeler, the President of AMI shares her thoughts on how to be more successful in your practice as well as in your life.

Ep 10 - Take control of your practice

Having clear goals gives you (the practice owner) the motivating power necessary to successfully achieve these goals. You are responsible for the actions you take that get you closer to bettering the quality of your practice. In this episode, David goes over very helpful tips on how to have a more successful practice.

Ep 9 - Patient Education (part 3)

Educating your patients on what is best for their health – with regards to treatment options – is a sure-fire way for you (the practice owner) to have a growing and a steady stream of patients going through with the customized treatment plan you put for them in order to have ideal care delivered at your practice. (Part 3)

Ep 8 - Patient Education (Part 2)

Educating your patients on what is best for their health – with regards to treatment options – is a sure-fire way for you (the practice owner) to have a growing and a steady stream of patients going through with the customized treatment plan you put for them in order to have ideal care delivered at your practice. (Part 2)

Ep 7 - Patient Education (Part 1)

Educating your patients on what is best for their health – with regards to treatment options – is a sure-fire way for you (the practice owner) to have a growing and a steady stream of patients going through with the customized treatment plan you put for them in order to have ideal care delivered at your practice.

Ep 6 - How To Increase Patient Referrals

Having an abundance of new patients calling in and walking through the front door on the regular is one of the keys to a flourishing practice. How do you do that without racking a heavy advertising budget? The answer is right inside your practice!

Ep 5 - How to Increase Patient Numbers

Having an ever-growing active patient database is vital to the your healthcare practice.
In this episode our speaker Dave goes over KEY strategies to implement that will surely aid you in increasing your patient numbers.

Ep 4 - Job Descriptions

Staff turn-over can be detrimental to your practice’s stability.
This could be the result of an incomplete job description that led to hiring an under qualified or under-performing employee that doesn’t have a good idea about the scope of tasks he\she is expected to perform in the job.

Ep 3 - A Calm Working Environment

What is the best attitude to have in dealing with setbacks caused by staff members? Making sure the mistakes are dealt with and not repeated  while preserving your employees morale is integral to the success of your practice.

Ep 2 - The Ideal Employee

How to be a model employee in a healthcare practice? Your employer has hired you to help him or her deliver perfect service to each patient. You have two critics – your boss and the patients. How do you become a top notch team member appreciated by one and all?

Ep 1 - Formulating a Winning Team

What are the elements necessary to have a winning team in your practice?

Hiring may have been done well but how is the coaching of them?
Want a dream team? Here are the tips to achieve greater success. From practice goals, to written policy for the practice, etc.

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