Life Re-Purposed

Life Re-Purposed

What direction is your life taking?  Are you on-track for where you want to go ultimately?  Or did you take a side road on the path of your life and you need to get back to the main road?  Or maybe you have decided to re-purpose your life and go in a new direction that

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Imagine A Better Future

When you are hit with all the bad news of the world through radio, newspaper, friends, internet, and/or TV, it is sometimes hard to see a better future. Also, sometimes you have an idea that you want to achieve but never seem to get around to doing it and you feel sad that you have

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Well Done

Bosses Who Sing Praises

There are many stories about bosses you could live without, who get angry and make your life difficult, and you may have experienced some of them yourself. We won’t go there today, but rather, we are going to look at the ideal world. Most staff are satisfied with their jobs overall. But what takes a

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Keeping Your Chin Up!

Doctor, the reception computer just burst into flames and there’s no back-up. Hey boss, half the day just cancelled or rescheduled their appointments. Sorry, but I’m giving you notice that as of 2 weeks from now, I am retiring. There’s a really upset client on the phone, would you like to take the call? The

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Overcoming Barriers

Overcoming The Biggest Barrier To Your Success

How many times have you heard or been told that all success takes is lots of action and being persistent? Well, most people feel kind of stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out.  They don’t know where to start.  They don’t know if they can do it.  They don’t know what

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To Succeed, You Need To Lead

Whether you are the owner of a practice or one of the team members who make the practice happen, you are a leader to others.  Perhaps it is your staff you are leading, or maybe you are leading the patients/clients towards ideal care, or maybe you are a mom or dad leading your children, or

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Success Happens

Some people think success is only for the “lucky” or that “it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time” or that “it’s who you know.” While it is a fact that there are people who have succeeded due to the above factors, did you know that everyone else can have

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Whats your superpower

What is YOUR Superpower?

The staff of one of my clients recently had some sweatshirts made saying, “I’m a Vet Tech, What’s YOUR superpower?”  How’s that for confidence in who you are! It got me to thinking, what is MY superpower?  Maybe I have more than one! I thought of one that everyone who knows me says:  “You always

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Principles Of Prosperity For Healthcare Professionals

9 Practical Tips 1. Disagree: Many so-called “experts” would like to convince you that things are “all bad.” You have two choices, you can agree and go into apathy about doing well at this time, or you can disagree and flourish and prosper. 2. Ignore the bad news: When people read or hear bad news

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How to Effectively Disagree with the “R” Word

Over 25 years of analyzing more than 5,000 individual practices, I have heard many times that “the reason my numbers are down is because of the RECESSION.”  Many times!  Even in affluent economic climates!  Many practice owners whose stats are down have phoned around to other practitioners in their area to see if they too

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Control: The Difference Between Success and Failure

Like money or nuclear power, control can be used for good or evil. You can use it to harm, suppress or destroy lives. Or you can use it to help people, increase your own income and improve the world around you. 10 Signs You Are Not in Control of Your Work Easily fatigued or exhausted

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STAGNATING? If you are not going up, you may be going down! Furthermore, have you ever noticed that nothing ever stays the same very long, if at all? Having analyzed over 6,000 practices one-on-one for potential growth, I have found that practices that are not growing are in fact slowly deteriorating – often because the

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