Life Re-Purposed

What direction is your life taking?  Are you on-track for where you want to go ultimately?  Or did you take a side road on the path of your life and you need to get back to the main road?  Or maybe you have decided to re-purpose your life and go in a new direction that will ultimately make you feel more fulfilled.

Most of us have a sense that we can cause our own future – it’s just a matter of actually deciding what we want to accomplish and then figuring out how to get there. These decisions can be about personal enhancement, family matters, career choices, business directions, and so on.

And not only that, there are phases that we go through that cause the need to change, such as: you’re finished schooling, now what; or you got married and are moving to a new town; you raised kids, and now you’re done; your business reached maximum capacity, should you stay the same or go to the next level; you became an Optometrist because your parents wanted you to, but after a few years of practising, you realized you’d actually like to be a Veterinarian.

These things happen – and it is important that you are happy and doing what will make your life worthwhile.

How to Get Where You Want to Go:

Re-purposing some aspect of your life eludes many people, partly because you haven’t nailed the exact end goal that you would like to reach or taken the time to work it all out.

For example:  I recently met a doctor who wants to go back to school for 3 years to become a specialist.  Big goal, especially considering that he has a full time practice with patients and staff and financial responsibilities.  However, that doesn’t mean that he can’t do it if that is what he needs to do – it just requires a strategic plan on how to make it happen.

Try these steps:

  1. List out any and all goals or changes you would like to make at this phase of your life. You might also want to look way into the future and ensure that today’s goals lead to your ultimate life goals.  Really be detailed about each one.
  2. You can approach it from another direction by asking yourself “What am I doing right now that isn’t working for me?” This could help you analyze where you WANT to go.
  3. Prioritize the changes/goals into a list with the most important ones at the top, and the least vital ones at the bottom.
  4. Take the one that interests you the most and work out a strategy of how to accomplish it. You may have to talk to people who have done it, or who are experts in the area (like consultants), or even go on line and see others have advice on the topic.

For example:  Let’s say you are a healthcare professional with a practice and it is not achieving the success or goals you have for it, and you are losing your passion for it.  You could call a consulting company (we are available!) and ask to meet for a free practice analysis to see what can be done to help you reach your goals.

  1. You can also work on more than one aspect of your life at a time because you are a multi-faceted person and many of your goals will dove-tail together.

Take Control!

Don’t live a half-life where your passion is squished and you are not getting to your end goals!  Be proactive and take the steps!

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