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When you are hit with all the bad news of the world through radio, newspaper, friends, internet, and/or TV, it is sometimes hard to see a better future. Also, sometimes you have an idea that you want to achieve but never seem to get around to doing it and you feel sad that you have never fulfilled that dream.

Well, there IS something very interesting that you CAN do about all that: Use your imagination!

I learned a great tool from a friend the other day: To create a better future or take control of it more successfully, write down an area of your life that you would like to have go in a better direction, or a goal you would like to accomplish. This could be your practice, your family, your house, a hobby, a sports activity, etc.

Then use your imagination to visualize how you would like that aspect of your life to be. Really take some time to write down as much detail as you can about how you would like it be in an ideal world. Be as creative and as specific as you can. Think big. Don’t let any negativity creep in or other people’s opinions.

Example for a healthcare professional:

I want a big practice where I help a lot of patients. I want a team to work with me who come into work everyday on time and enthusiastic about the day ahead, and who get things done on their own initiative without very much supervision. I want a staff who are imaginative and creative and come up with new ways to grow the practice. I would like them to give perfect service to every patient or client. I want them to leave personal problems outside the practice. I would like them, when needed, to offer to stay late without my begging them to. I wish to have patients/clients who want to go ahead with ideal care that I present to them. I would like perfect days where everyone shows up for their appointments on time. Being paid promptly and in full would be great. I want to buy my own building to move the practice into on a busy street with our own parking lot. (And so on… you get the idea.)

Then write out each point in a list. Put that in a place where you see it every day and use that excellent imagination of yours to start working out, bit by bit, how you can make each point become a reality.

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