What is YOUR Superpower?

Whats your superpower

The staff of one of my clients recently had some sweatshirts made saying, “I’m a Vet Tech, What’s YOUR superpower?”  How’s that for confidence in who you are!

It got me to thinking, what is MY superpower?  Maybe I have more than one! I thought of one that everyone who knows me says:  “You always make things go right no matter what.”

We are all unique and have certain abilities that shine more than others.  How do we isolate or establish our own superpowers?

Here are some questions I thought of to help you figure out yours:

  • What are you best recognized for?
  • What do you take most pride in?
  • Is there something that friends and family see in you and comment on positively?
  • At work, is there some aspect or parts of your performance on the job that stand out for excellence?
  • Are there sports or other activities that you excel in?

Acknowledge these things in yourself and make more of them.  If you focus on your positives, they will get stronger and shine more brightly.

New Superpowers?

Next, what superpowers would you LIKE to acquire?  (Skip x-ray vision, flying, being invisible, etc.  Let’s get real!)

Ask yourself:

  • What would you LIKE to be better at?
  • What do you most admire in others that you would like to see in yourself?
  • Who is your favourite person and what is it about them that you would like to emulate?
  • What favour did someone do for you that got your attention, and could you do the same thing for others?

The accent here is on ability.  You can definitely develop new ones superpowers by consciously working on them.  And when you accomplish something, give yourself a pat on the back.  Being proud of yourself and others is also an ability.

Shine on, Superpower!



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