Bosses Who Sing Praises

Well Done

There are many stories about bosses you could live without, who get angry and make your life difficult, and you may have experienced some of them yourself. We won’t go there today, but rather, we are going to look at the ideal world.

Most staff are satisfied with their jobs overall. But what takes a job up a few notches, is working for a boss or employer who challenges you and then when you complete the work or task, acknowledges you with praise. “Good job!” or “That was amazingly well done!” or “Thank you very much.”

These words sing in your heart when you receive them. They erase tougher times. They build self-confidence. They build teams who work together to accomplish the impossible. In fact, studies have been done that show appreciation is even more valuable to staff than their pay. We live to help others and when we do help and get acknowledged for it, everything seems worthwhile.

Another key point is to praise in public so the other team members can hear it as well. It magnifies the value of the kind words. Don’t forget that the rule is “Praise in public and correct in private.”

Some bosses find it difficult to tell their staff that they did a good job and need to practice it a bit until it becomes second nature. A practice where the staff are really appreciated and praised grows faster than one where this is neglected. Staff morale goes up overall when they are being challenged and there is a lot of production. Acknowledging the production is the icing on the cake.

Caring for the individual team members is a necessary and important part of any boss’s job description. Celebrating jobs well done is one of the ways they show they care about you.

By the way, good staff can return the favour and praise their bosses when THEY do a great job at something too. You are all traveling on the same road together throughout the day, so a mutual admiration society is not a bad thing! Start one and see how good you can get at it!


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