Principles Of Prosperity For Healthcare Professionals

9 Practical Tips

1. Disagree: Many so-called “experts” would like to convince you that things are “all bad.” You have two choices, you can agree and go into apathy about doing well at this time, or you can disagree and flourish and prosper.

2. Ignore the bad news: When people read or hear bad news (on any topic) it can bring them down. Cutting out listening to all the bad news on TV and the radio, and focusing instead on positive news and projects can totally swing your mood around and life will go better.

3. Share the good news: When good news hits you through any of your many communication channels, pass it on to others and make their day better. You will feel happier for having done so.

4. Expand your horizons: Recall those plans you had for your practice when you first started or even more recently. Write them down and THINK BIG! How CAN you get them done? Work it out step by step.

5. Believe in yourself: If you know what you want to do, then go ahead and get it done. You are way more able than you have probably ever realized or acknowledged. Just take a minute to look at all the correct decisions and the successful things you have done in your life so far. Push away self doubts that try to creep in and redirect your thoughts to those correct past actions and decisions you have made.

6. Do or give more than expected: You may have been paid for a certain service. Work out how to do that service but take it up a notch. Do something surprisingly nice for the patient or client (this does not mean to give a free service). Make the person feel special.

7. Confront the work: Ever have a stack of work that you keep putting off and it builds and builds? You simply need to set a specific time to handle it each day/week/month (as appropriate) and make that time more important than anything else that could try and pull you off focus. Set up a suitable reward for yourself for getting it done each time.

8. Hard work: It takes hard work to be highly successful. However, if you are producing a product or performing a service that you believe in and you enjoy doing, “hard work” does not have to mean drudgery or slavery. Keep focused on why you chose to do what you’re doing – the purpose for it, or the end result.

9. Invest in your most profitable asset:

You are the leader of your practice and you set the knowledge and expertise bar. Your income follows your management skills level. We have helped over 1,000 practices grow just by training and consulting our clients on management skills.

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