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Hamster Wheel

Stuck In A Hamster Wheel?

Not going anywhere? Day after day and year after year, you may find yourself doing the same old things, wishing it were different, but never knowing how to get off the wheel and change. Perhaps you should take a minute to figure out WHY you stay in the wheel: Is it all you know how

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Break through

Breaking Through Your Glass Ceiling

Complacency and apathy Complacency is probably the number one enemy of practitioners in all professions. Trapped in a daily pattern of delivery and thinking that nothing can change is an apathy that slowly sneaks up on many healthcare providers. Some even think that they are doing the best that can be done, yet they have

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MBA vs. Functional MBA

I asked a chiropractor recently, “Are you an effective executive in your practice?” His answer: “No, I’m a chiropractor.” What’s wrong with this picture? While being a good healthcare provider is definitely a must for any good practice, your schools have left out 6/7’s of the training required to reach your practice’s full potential. For

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Ever Felt Like Firing Yourself?

As a practice owner, many have felt that there are days when they have thoroughly mucked up something and should fire themselves. It’s that or fire everyone else in the practice. Are either of these solutions rational? Probably not but what, then, is the answer? No Management Training? First of all, if you have been

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Crashing Income

The Wrong Thing to Do When Income is Down

A whole recession and economic dive can be started by just one foolish action that is the wrong thing to do. Businesses go bankrupt every day from this mistake. When your income is down, a natural instinct (and one often recommended by accountants) is to cut back on any expenditures that do not seem “vital”

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Shrinking or Expanding

Is your Practice Shrinking or Expanding?

Sweaters shrink. Bank accounts shrink. Waist lines shrink. Insurance coverage shrinks. But practices aren’t supposed to! There is a natural law about this: Nothing stays the same forever. It is common knowledge that things are either growing or they are shrinking. As an example of what I mean, I met a 72 year old dentist

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Not All Rowing in the Same Direction?

Do you sometimes feel that you’re not all pulling in the same direction? Ultimately, the whole team is supposed to be there to give every patient or client who walks in the door the 5 Star Care they are paying for. Somehow that generalized purpose “sounds” great, but in the day-to-day world of the practice,

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Empty Drivers Seat

Empty Driver’s Seat?

Managing a practice is like driving a car. If you aren’t in the driver’s seat, who is driving it? You are also supposed to be the one selecting the direction. Even a GPS won’t help you get where you want to go if you haven’t put in the destination. As the practice owner, you must

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Going nowhere

Foot on the Gas, But Going Nowhere Fast?

Going 150 miles per hour as the practitioner, but can’t seem to get enough done outside of treating your patients? Do you ever feel frustrated by lack of time to manage the practice? Not getting where you want to go with the practice? Being the CEO of your practice as well as being a hands-on

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Sales: Good Word or Bad Word?

Some healthcare professionals that I have met with over the last 24 years have protested using the word “sales” in relationship to the services they provide to their patients or clients.  Instead, they use various euphemisms such as “treatment plan presentations.” Healthcare professionals often shun the idea of being a salesman because they associate the

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Making it Happen

Over the years I have seen some of the most brilliant ideas fail. The reason being that the planning to get the idea implemented was poor, incomplete or non-existent. Any idea or change should be planned out to ensure that it gets fully carried out. Once you have the idea or change, you must sit

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Buying or Selling A Practice

Establishing the value or worth of a practice is a complex matter. There are more than 30 ways in which to calculate the value of a business and in fact there is a specialty certificate for accountants which deals specifically with this. A practice, no matter how it has been appraised, is only worth what

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