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Internal Marketing: Show you care

In the rush and crush of your daily practice, you may sometimes find yourself a little short on tenderness or empathy. Some of you seem to be born with more compassion than others. Some may have to work on it and practice living in the other person’s shoes to really get the hang of this.

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The Power Of Passion

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you right now? Do you really, truly want to succeed? Are you thrilled with your goals for today? Is your passion at 8, 9 or 10? If not, you need to learn to generate more passion for your work, your career and your life. To

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The Do-It-Now Habit

Do you feel overworked? Do you have too much to do? Are you not making the progress you want to be making toward your goals? Why can some people produce twice as much as others? Some people are SO efficient and organized they can make you feel like you are standing still. For example, Jane

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All Directions

Does one or more of the following ring true for you?

Though hardworking, you’re frustrated at your lack of progress. Your New Year’s resolutions are the same year after year. You’re discouraged by the many things you’re NOT getting done. You’re dissatisfied with the unimportant things you ARE getting done. Being the CEO of a practice is not always easy, especially considering that an overriding amount

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“Virtual Highway” Visibility

Many of our clients who own practices have asked us whether they should have a website. The answer is a resounding YES! The information highway (internet) has become “the place to go” to find almost anything you want to know. With 90% of the general public surfing the internet these days, it has become important

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Top Performer

Are you a top performer?

To explain their failures, you might hear people say: “I don’t have a head for business which is why my practice is not doing well.” “Leaders are born to lead. I was born to follow. I’ll just be a good soldier.” “She inherited her musical skill from her father, but my dad is a truck

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Force vs. Intelligence

To succeed, you need both force AND intelligence. If you use the correct amount of each, at the right times, you will succeed at anything you do. Unsuccessful Leadership You can find unsuccessful management everywhere. Certain leaders are too forceful: “Get 5 New Patients scheduled by tomorrow or you’re fired.” They might have short-term success,

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Now or Later

Beating Procrastination

Can You Beat Procrastination? Hewlett-Packard recently published the following tips on the internet and said to share it, so that is what we are doing. Enjoy! Many of us juggle so many priorities that it’s tempting to put things off until the last minute in our efforts to keep up with our work without losing

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Next Level = More STRESS?

Many healthcare professionals whom we have had the pleasure of working with equated the idea of expanding their practice with doubling the current stress. But does it have to be? In a word, “NO!” Here are a couple of Quick Tips to help you improve the current scene and then to expand smoothly without adding

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The Winning Team! Perhaps you have one…

Having worked with many hundreds of Canadian healthcare professionals for 18 years, we’ve observed that most of them do a fairly decent job of hiring the right staff but they THINK they haven’t – simply because they’re not coaching them into the winning team. To help your team achieve DREAM TEAM STATUS, here are 10

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Procrastination! Are You Slowly Boiling to Death?

First, the procrastination story: There were these three researchers who took a baby frog and popped it into a pot of boiling water. What do you think the frog did? If you answered “jumped out,” go to the head of the class! The impact was sudden enough to make it take quick, life-saving action. Then

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Intention Wins Every Time

Some wonder if there is a “secret formula” for building a great practice. Well, there IS a basic, or underlying, formula. It is a very short formula, one word: INTENTION. Let’s take a look at exactly what intention is. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, intention is the “determination to do a specific thing or

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