… and the whole world smiles with you!

Has anyone frowned at you lately? Did one of your friends or colleagues look a little serious or preoccupied? Did it make you feel good? Probably not!

There have been many studies to show that smiling increases your own personal health, but even further, if you smile at someone and it makes them smile back, then you have helped improve someone else’s life and health.

In a healthcare practice, of course, you are all about the health of your patients. So keeping on smiling and finding things that are positive to smile about is going to make a difference.

It starts with the front desk setting the scene when a patient arrives. Big smile in greeting is the perfect thing to do. Technical staff – look serious, and you worry the patient or client. Doctor – same thing: getting a positive decision from them on their health care and as well as their on-going cooperation is much more likely if they are presented to with a smile.

Make it a practice policy to add more smiles to the daily agenda!

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