It’s Not Too Late…

…to make your New Years Resolutions stick!

1. Powerful Goals

When making or setting your goals, THINK BIG, but don’t go outside of your concept of reality. Be very specific … in fact, the more specific you are, the more chance you have of accomplishing them. They may be short term or long term. If the goal is very large, break it down to smaller subgoals so you achieve success.

2. Action Plan

Now you need to break down the overall goal into a doable, step by step plan of attack. Make sure the steps are small enough to encourage rapid completion and thus create a strong sense of achievement.

3. Tick the Boxes

Once a week at a specified time have a meeting with yourself (and anyone helping you) and tick off the items that have been completed. Determine which ones you are going to accomplish in the next week.

4. Back on Track

If you fall off the wagon and miss a week, just get yourself back on track and CONTINUE! Do not let any momentary halts or slip-ups bring you to a full stop. Just pick up where you left off and continue.

5. Reward Thyself (and anyone who helped you).

Don’t forget that rewards for meeting goals, big or small, create a positive experience by putting pleasure into the picture. Smaller rewards for meeting smaller goals, and a WHOPPER for achieving the final goal.

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