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Overcoming Tiredness

In an era marred by an invisible war – where tales of fear, scarcity and uncertainty are a routine occurrence – it’s not surprising that a pervasive sense of tiredness has infiltrated our daily lives and practices. How do we transform life’s chaos into a clear path forward – gaining the strength to rise above

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For private healthcare practice owners, “life is a jungle sometimes” rings particularly true.  Maybe not as extreme as Jurassic Park, …but close some days. As a professional, you probably did not anticipate the amount of business acumen and skills you would need to have to run a fabulous practice and meet all your goals, financial

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How to Transform Your Practice

How to Transform Your Practice

Some things need to change. Sometimes it will be a surprise what those things are. Here is a little story to set the stage: The Pot Roast Ends A young woman was preparing a pot roast for dinner, following a recipe that she had learned from her mother. She cut off the ends of the

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staff vacations

Working Out Staff Vacations

As a practice owner in Canada, you might be wondering how to manage vacations for your team.  Here are some answers and tips on how to create and implement vacation policies for your staff. Vacation Time and Pay Vacation time and pay are the period and the amount of money that you must provide to

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Running a healthcare practice efficiently while providing patient-centered care is a delicate balancing act. Here are some tips to help you achieve that perfect balance. 1. Effective Scheduling Start with a well-organized appointment schedule. Ensure that each appointment has an appropriate amount of time allocated based on the type of procedure or treatment needed. The

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a fresh start

Breaking News: The Fall has arrived, Time for a Fresh Start

As the warm days of summer come to an end, it’s time for healthcare professionals to trade in their sandals for scrubs and get back to the hustle and bustle of their practices. Much like students heading back to school in the fall, returning to full production in your healthcare practice can be both a

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what happened to those happy days

What Happened to Those Happy Days: Rediscovering the Joy

In the beginning, embarking on a journey as a healthcare professional is often marked by an undeniable sense of excitement, a profound desire to make a difference, and the promise of idealist outcomes for your patients. The path is illuminated by the optimism of helping others, providing excellent care, and positively impacting lives. However, as

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SEO for practice owners

Is Your SEO Company Good for Your Healthcare Practice?

In today’s vast online landscape, getting a new patient to find and choose you on Google or other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube can be quite a challenge. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help them find you. What’s the Buzz About SEO? Think of SEO like a special compass that

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Anti-Hero Bosses

In her song “Anti-Hero” Taylor Swift sings about her flaws and complexities. In this vein, a new breed of practitioners is emerging – the Anti-Hero Bosses. They reject the traditional norms and instead embrace their realistic and complex personas. Unlike the picture-perfect heroes or villains, Anti-Hero Bosses offer an authentic and human approach to leadership.

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How to Use Statistics

How to Use Statistics to Grow Rapidly

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare practice management, data analytics has emerged as a game-changer. By using the power of statistics, you as a practice owner can make more informed decisions, optimize your practice, and enhance patient experiences. In this blog post, we’ll explore how data analytics can rapidly increase your practice. At the end

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Hiring issues

Feeling the Crunch of Staffing Shortages?

Most practices report that they are experiencing a shortage of available candidates to hire for the various positions in their practice. Have you noticed staffing shortages too? We get asked all the time how our clients are so successfully navigating this challenging landscape to find the ideal team members they need. The answer is not

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setting goals

Goal Setting vs. Goal Doing

“Goal setting is important … Goal DOING is more important.” Setting goals is a familiar concept for Canadian healthcare professionals, but transforming those goals into tangible accomplishments can often feel like an uphill battle. Here are some strategies to help you unleash your full potential. Discover new ways to turn your aspirations into reality. The

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