A Calm Environment

For your patients’ sake as well as your own and your staff’s, keeping a lid on tempers and angry outbursts in a practice is an important skill. Creating a calm working environment can increase the efficiency and level of production.

Getting angry may be the correct response to some situations. Yet blowing up and overreacting can ruin your relationships and success.

For example, you might feel outraged and say:

2. “I can’t believe that you are late for work AGAIN!”
3. “How many times have I told you not to do it that way!”
4. “You try doing MY job and see how tough it is!”
5. “Why do you always jump to the conclusion that it is my fault whenever something goes wrong!”

Jumping to wrong conclusions and getting outraged can seriously damage your success.

Know Before You Blow

Before you let anger take over as a reaction, ask questions to find out all the data and you might be surprised to find that there is no need to be upset at all.

1. “Has anyone seen my pen?”
2. “Why are you late?”
3. “Why did you do it that way?”
4. “What are you having trouble with?”
5. “What is the story here?”

The answers to these questions may open the door to finding the real situation and then allow for a correct solution to be implemented. CALMLY!

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