Jack and Jill Story

Jack tries to get along and not cause trouble. His neighbor plays loud rock-an-roll music all night long, so Jack buys ear plugs. Jack hates leaving his apartment as the building lobby is full of boxes and junk; he just steps around the mess. His co-worker makes Jack pick him up for work each day with no compensation (“since you drive near my house anyway”). Each year, he develops some kind of illness or needs an operation. After 25 years at the same company, he is only making $22 per hour, but he doesn’t mind as they give him good health insurance. At the age of 51, Jack gets cancer and dies.

Jill moves into Jack’s vacant apartment and can’t sleep due to the loud music. She calls the neighbor and works out an agreement so he plays music all day while she works, but won’t at night. Jill convinces a few of her fellow tenants to spend a few hours cleaning up the lobby and entrance. They even wash the sidewalk and plant some flowers. Although Jill has earned several management promotions and pay increases at her company, she decides to start her own business and makes it successful. She soon buys the apartment building and takes over the top floor for herself. Jill is never ill and at the age of 78 still spends a few hours each week working at her company.

Jack adjusts himself to the environment while Jill adjusts the environment to herself.

Your life is what you make it! Constantly change and improve the world around you. Never settle back, give up or “accept reality.” If you continue to increase your control of the parts of your environment, you will be healthier, happier and more successful.

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