Increasing Efficiency

A practice can be a very busy environment and the pace can be fast and furious with patients coming and going.  It is easy for things to fall through the cracks.  Sometimes important things.  Things that are dropped service to the patients and cause upsets.  You may, as the boss, find yourself firing off orders

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Times Change

Things Happen and Times Change

So you’re going along with a fairly successful practice, making ends meet and enjoying some perks of life and time for family … your practice strategy is working. And then suddenly, you wake up one day and notice that your numbers are slowly (or quickly) worsening. Stats going down are one of the biggest fears

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About Us

Missing This on Your Website?

Websites are so vital these days because they can generate a lot of new patients or clients for your practice if well done. And there are hundreds of thousands of website designers and “experts” available, but they are not always properly trained in marketing and PR. While our company does not design websites, we are

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Barriers to Your Dreams

As a practice owner and healthcare professional, have you ever caught yourself thinking (or saying) any of the following: Most marketing doesn’t work This patient or client won’t go ahead with what I am presenting My staff are not on board with me/against me My practice numbers are declining because of a recession, or the

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Butts In Chairs

While it’s wonderful to have a big (or small) practice location, if it is not busy enough, that’s a problem. Some of the reasons for the missing butts in your chairs may be: The public may not be aware of your practice. You aren’t standing out in front of your competition. You are not marketing

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Top Priority

The Top 3 Priorities

Once upon a time, the Practice Owner looked at her stats for the last week and gasped in dismay as she discovered a $4,000 drop in Billings from the week before. (Just the fact that she was paying attention to such a thing put her in the “above average” category as a CEO of a

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Definition: “A group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport.” Very interesting wording: “forming one side”. Over the years we have worked with many practices with different quantities of staff, from one doctor and one staff member, up to a practice that had 6 owners and 32 staff. Even in the

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Super Staff

The Pop Can in Reception

There it has sat, for over half a day. The lonely, empty, unloved, discarded pop can left behind on a chair in reception by one of the many visitors to your practice today. While it is not a sin that no one on the staff team disposed of it, the fact is that it should

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A Whole New Level of Success

It’s a horrible truth to confront sometimes as the owner of a business, but the reason a practice is not growing or highly successful flows out from the practice owner as the leader, not the following “reasons”: “we’re in a recession,” “the economy is slow,” “no good staff available,” “too much competition in my area,”

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10 Reasons a Patient Would Leave You

Most patients or clients are not fickle. They have particularities and specific needs, and some are more challenging than others. The first appointment with them is of course crucial for the building of the relationship, but every appointment after that is just as vital.  Besides patients moving on (new city) or passing on, here are

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How to Use Social Media

I do not know how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. There! I have confessed it. I am constantly told that these are important Social Media avenues to reach potential clients. Apparently, most healthcare professionals (about 75%) also have little to no idea either. However, I do have staff that know the mystery of

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Field Of Dreams

A practice owner of two years recently told me that he had the idea from the movie “Field of Dreams” that “if you build it they will come”. In starting his practice from scratch, he thought that the referrals from happy clients would create the practice and rapidly fill it up. After two years of

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