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It’s a horrible truth to confront sometimes as the owner of a business, but the reason a practice is not growing or highly successful flows out from the practice owner as the leader, not the following “reasons”: “we’re in a recession,” “the economy is slow,” “no good staff available,” “too much competition in my area,” and so on.

Despite all of those same conditions, our company’s clients have always managed, with our help, to grow their practices to a whole new level, therefore we can’t be satisfied with those “reasons.”

So then, what gets in the way of reaching a whole new level of success? Answer: Attitude and intention towards the success of the practice are the TOP influencers.

We hear frequently the following negative or apathetic attitudes from some healthcare professionals:

  • Things are going along “okay.” [Very resigned.]
  • I’m kind of just coasting now. [Kind of worn down.]
  • Everything is going along, why mess with it. [No longer looking for next level.]
  • Things were worse a few years ago; we’re better now. [Self-satisfied.]
  • I want to spend more time with the family now. [Lost interest in goals for practice.]
  • I’m not going to let the practice consume me. [Withdrawing from goals.]

The following comments are a little better as they indicate “some” interest in how to improve:

  • I don’t actually know where to start in order to take the practice up a notch.
  • I have lots of good ideas but don’t know how to get them all done.

However, when one gets up to the following level of comments, there is hope:

  • Enough already! Things are going to change around here. I need help.
  • I need some management training so I know the best ways to do things.
  • Somebody must have some answers to all this somewhere and I’m going to find out where.

Let’s face it, most healthcare professionals are very well trained in their chosen technical field. However, there was little or no training included as to how to run a successful business.

Another way to look at it: Every single top athlete in the world these days has one or more coaches who can help the athlete take their success to a whole new level. Why would it be any different when it comes to a healthcare professional becoming a stellar leader and executive?

Looking to a consulting company for assistance and training is an important step on the path to reaching your FULL potential and achieving success, especially if you happen to find the only one in Canada who has successfully coached more than 1,400 healthcare professionals to a whole new level of success over the last 25 years and guarantee their results. (Wink!)


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