How to Use Social Media

I do not know how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

There! I have confessed it. I am constantly told that these are important Social Media avenues to reach potential clients. Apparently, most healthcare professionals (about 75%) also have little to no idea either.

However, I do have staff that know the mystery of these tools. And delegation is everything, right? Right and wrong!

As the Owner/CEO of my business and you of yours, we are supposed to know more than our staff do about their jobs and be able to teach, direct and correct them. And in the matter of Social Media, I do not know more.

I have a solution

I DO know how to use YouTube. It has short videos on how to do almost anything from how to fold dinner napkins into interesting shapes to how to French Kiss (if you need lessons on that). For YouTube, go online and type in “” and for your phone, download the App if you don’t have it and type on the search line what you would like to know. For instance, just put in “how to use Twitter” and up will come several videos to watch until you have grasped how to do it.

Continuing Education

Here’s another idea as incentive. It has to do with continuing education that most of you are required to get. I wonder if you set aside 1 hour per week for this Social Media training and log the hours if it will count on your requirements? Why not? Most professions in most provinces allow a certain number of hours of continuing education to be on practice management and this subject is definitely important in marketing a practice.

The Challenge

Now here is the challenge from one non-expert to another (because I like games and incentives): let’s see who can find the best, easiest and most informative YouTube videos on how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and send them to me and I will publish them in my next article. Deal?

I double dog dare you to learn these tools.

Have fun!

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