The Pop Can in Reception

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There it has sat, for over half a day. The lonely, empty, unloved, discarded pop can left behind on a chair in reception by one of the many visitors to your practice today.

While it is not a sin that no one on the staff team disposed of it, the fact is that it should have been handled because it is a promotional action of the practice to have a neat and attractive looking reception for patients and clients to walk into.

However, it is one of those things that may have been omitted from the practice’s job descriptions. Not only that, there are also a lot of very fun and interesting actions that do not necessarily appear in job descriptions. Some things are sort of acquired by the “best man for it” and can’t be made part of a specific job description.

Here are some examples:

  1. Every practice should have a Facebook page that is constantly created and monitored for content. This takes sensibility as to what to allow on your page as well as a creative spirit who is in tune with what patients or clients would come to your page to see. This person could be the associate doctor, could be the assistant, could be the wife or husband of the practice owner who has this talent.
  1. Someone else in the practice may be really tuned in to Twitter or Pinterest or other social media avenues and would be happy to do this for the practice.
  1. Perhaps one of your brilliant team loves to write. Put them in charge of the monthly email newsletter to the patients/clients. As the practice owner, you obviously need to monitor the content to ensure it fits your practice’s image, but let’s see what this person can come up with.
  1. What about “social responsibility” activity could the practice as a whole contribute to? This would include such things as raising money for a cause that the team believes in, going and helping build a playground in the neighborhood, etc. Who could be in charge of that?

These are just a few of the “extra curricular” actions of a well-run practice that the team members can divide among themselves that put some extra pizzazz into the practice and help grow it.

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