Attack of the Sticky Notes

Horror of horrors … sticky notes are taking over your mind, your desk, your computer. Where to hide from these? How to get rid of them? Firstly, having sticky note pads to hand to jot a quick note are not necessarily a bad thing. It is what you do with them and how to organize

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Ever Felt Like Firing Yourself?

As a practice owner, many have felt that there are days when they have thoroughly mucked up something and should fire themselves. It’s that or fire everyone else in the practice. Are either of these solutions rational? Probably not but what, then, is the answer? No Management Training? First of all, if you have been

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Shrinking or Expanding

Is your Practice Shrinking or Expanding?

Sweaters shrink. Bank accounts shrink. Waist lines shrink. Insurance coverage shrinks. But practices aren’t supposed to! There is a natural law about this: Nothing stays the same forever. It is common knowledge that things are either growing or they are shrinking. As an example of what I mean, I met a 72 year old dentist

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Going nowhere

Foot on the Gas, But Going Nowhere Fast?

Going 150 miles per hour as the practitioner, but can’t seem to get enough done outside of treating your patients? Do you ever feel frustrated by lack of time to manage the practice? Not getting where you want to go with the practice? Being the CEO of your practice as well as being a hands-on

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Sales: Good Word or Bad Word?

Some healthcare professionals that I have met with over the last 24 years have protested using the word “sales” in relationship to the services they provide to their patients or clients.  Instead, they use various euphemisms such as “treatment plan presentations.” Healthcare professionals often shun the idea of being a salesman because they associate the

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Empathy: The HEART of the Practice

Ever worked with someone who, upon hearing a misfortune that you just experienced, reacted by saying, “You’ll get over it, move on.” Or, “Life sucks, nothing you can do about it.” Or, “Really! You DO have a lot bad things happen to you, don’t you?” You could say that this person has “no heart.” Clearly,

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Playing on the Same Field

What’s in it for your staff to work harder and smarter? Even fabulous staff can feel a bit left out of the financial loop when they see the revenues increase without any return to them. You are simply on different playing fields. Ever wonder why staff sometimes do not do their job functions in the

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Successful Treatment Plan Presentations

What is a successful treatment plan presentation, anyway? Perhaps it could best be defined as a presentation by the denturist to his patient that offers the patient ideal care that they choose to go ahead with and that you, the denturist, get paid for as per the fee guide. As with all healthcare professionals, the

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Fill Your Practice With Patients You Love

Have you ever noticed that there are some patients you love to treat more than others? What if you could attract more of them into your practice without spending a fortune on tons of external marketing? Would going in to work every day be more fun if your practice was brimming over with your favourite

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All Directions

Does one or more of the following ring true for you?

Though hardworking, you’re frustrated at your lack of progress. Your New Year’s resolutions are the same year after year. You’re discouraged by the many things you’re NOT getting done. You’re dissatisfied with the unimportant things you ARE getting done. Being the CEO of a practice is not always easy, especially considering that an overriding amount

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