Barriers to Your Dreams

As a practice owner and healthcare professional, have you ever caught yourself thinking (or saying) any of the following:

  • Most marketing doesn’t work
  • This patient or client won’t go ahead with what I am presenting
  • My staff are not on board with me/against me
  • My practice numbers are declining because of a recession, or the new practice that opened up across the street, or … or … or …
  • Maybe I’m charging too much for my services
  • It’s impossible to find good staff to hire
  • I can’t afford to market my practice
  • I am not a very good boss
  • I don’t think it is possible to grow my practice
  • I’m too busy … I don’t have enough time to …

Barriers cut your net income:

If you have thought those thoughts, you are definitely not alone! However, for every negative thought you have, your net income has also been reduced. These thoughts ARE your barriers to achieving the success you’ve dreamed of for your practice. The more barriers, the less income. Plain and simple!

The Winning Attitude:

To increase your income, then, you need to adopt a Winning Attitude. You have to get rid of these “considerations” and turn them around into positive action.

The first step is to list out each consideration you have in your head. Write down as many as possible. Put on the list all the negative thoughts and reasons why anything can’t be done with respect to the practice.

Once you have done that, take each one, and work out how it can be deleted from your mind or turned into a positive. Disagree with the thought. Find a way around it. Work out how it CAN be done.

For instance:

  • It is obvious that there is workable marketing since there are many doctors successfully growing their practices through well done marketing plans. You need to find out who they are using and get their help. Success breeds success – go with what works.
  • You can’t afford NOT to market. However, there are hundreds of no cost or low cost marketing ideas that don’t take much work. (Ask us, we have lists and lists.) Get started with those and build up your income and then re-invest some of that into bigger marketing ideas that cost more. And so on.
  • If you “feel” your staff are “against you”, meet with them one on one and ask them point blank about it. Ask them for suggestions and help. They may have just been waiting for you to ask them for this help.
  • If you think to yourself that a patient or client IS going to go ahead with the ideal treatment you are suggesting, it is more likely that they WILL.

You get the idea? Catch those negative thoughts and CANCEL THEM. Always be solution oriented.

Become a Solutions Architect instead of a Negative Thought Generator.

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