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Social Media is a proven marketing tool used by big brands to reach their potential publics and thereby achieve their marketing goals. In just the same way, healthcare practitioners need to make their presence felt on the Social Media “scene.” Let’s take Facebook for starters. At first glance, Facebook seems like a big time waster

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To recap Part One on this topic which was sent out to you last week: 0. Social media marketing is important for practices. 1. Have a plan. 2. Create a Facebook page for your practice (not a new profile). 3. Accumulate some Fans. Continuing on for this week: 4. Work it. If you go to

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To recap Parts One and Two on this topic which were sent out to you recently: 0. Social media marketing is important for practices. 1. Have a plan. 2. Create a Facebook page for your practice (not a new profile). 3. Accumulate some Fans. 4. Update your status frequently. 5. Convert Your “Fans” into Patients.

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Don't be a Dinosaur...Embrace Evolution

Don’t be a Dinosaur…Embrace Evolution

The world is changing at a very fast rate in many aspects and it seems a high hurdle to have to constantly keep up with the changes and new information. However, that is not a good excuse for falling behind or getting stuck in the past. Some of the biggest changes taking place are in

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Crashing Income

The Wrong Thing to Do When Income is Down

A whole recession and economic dive can be started by just one foolish action that is the wrong thing to do. Businesses go bankrupt every day from this mistake. When your income is down, a natural instinct (and one often recommended by accountants) is to cut back on any expenditures that do not seem “vital”

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Be There or Be Square

More denturists are creating high-tech practices, yet many do not have a website. Because the Boomers are Internet-savvy, having a website is becoming mandatory to maximize your business. Visibility A website serves many purposes: Your prime public, 45 years of age and up, are heavy-use web surfers and computer-savvy, and will look for you there.

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APPOVED rubber Stamp 3D rendering

Stamp of Approval

Warning: This is a marketing article in disguise! Your patients’ favourable attitude or opinion about your practice is what will help it to grow, and they will only give it their stamp of approval if they received the quality of denture and service that they expected. Therefore, this article is all about Quality Control in your

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Make Your Practice Well Known and Well Thought Of

External marketing to attract new patients is an essential part of building a successful practice. Delivering top-notch quality and service to your existing patients will produce a certain amount of new business through patient referrals, but casting the net further abroad through external marketing will increase profitability. There are literally hundreds of avenues to make

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All Directions

Does one or more of the following ring true for you?

Though hardworking, you’re frustrated at your lack of progress. Your New Year’s resolutions are the same year after year. You’re discouraged by the many things you’re NOT getting done. You’re dissatisfied with the unimportant things you ARE getting done. Being the CEO of a practice is not always easy, especially considering that an overriding amount

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Practical Marketing: Part Two

More On Marketing Your Practice This is the second in a series of Practice Quick Tips addressing proven marketing concepts for expanding your practice. Here are a few more simple but effective ideas that you can implement to improve your marketing efforts and bring more business in the front door. (More to follow in subsequent

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