Don’t be a Dinosaur…Embrace Evolution

The world is changing at a very fast rate in many aspects and it seems a high hurdle to have to constantly keep up with the changes and new information. However, that is not a good excuse for falling behind or getting stuck in the past.

Some of the biggest changes taking place are in the computer, communications and social media fields. The internet has created an open door to the whole world. You can find out information on anything (though sometimes it is correct data and sometimes, not so much).

Here’s the rub: If you do not keep up with the technology (smart phones, texting, tablets, computers, the internet, social media, etc.), YOU WILL GET LEFT BEHIND. If you own a practice that has not kept up to date with the latest technology and digital equipment, it loses value in the eyes of the potential buyer, never mind that the efficiency of the practice is reduced in the meantime. If a staff member does not keep up to date with computers and other communications technology used in the practice, they too become a dinosaur and become extinct, i.e. they will be passed over for promotions or, if unemployed, will be passed over in the interview process for any new position they may apply for.

If you reach a point in life where you throw up your hands and say “it is all too much to take in,” you have started down the slippery slope of life and will get stuck in the past. Therefore, it is a better route to take to say to yourself, “Let’s be a learn-it-all,” and get busy learning all you can about the technology you need FOR YOUR FUTURE. Push yourself, find mentors who can teach you, clear up words you don’t understand in the subject until you enjoy it, and practice until you gain control of it. Give yourself rewards for mastering it.


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