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How Can YouTube Grow Your Practice?

Like most practitioners you probably would like an increased flow of new patients, right? And there are probably many hundreds of ways that we know of that will accomplish this task. One of them is the use of YouTube. Why YouTube? It’s a free way of marketing to the whole wide world. You can make

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Barriers to Your Dreams

As a practice owner and healthcare professional, have you ever caught yourself thinking (or saying) any of the following: Most marketing doesn’t work This patient or client won’t go ahead with what I am presenting My staff are not on board with me/against me My practice numbers are declining because of a recession, or the

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Butts In Chairs

While it’s wonderful to have a big (or small) practice location, if it is not busy enough, that’s a problem. Some of the reasons for the missing butts in your chairs may be: The public may not be aware of your practice. You aren’t standing out in front of your competition. You are not marketing

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Grabbing the Attention of Potential Patients

Have you ever sent out a big mailing at great expense only to be frustrated by the lack of response or Return On Investment (ROI)? Did you feel a lack of certainty as to what should be sent out or what will work? Do you hate the idea of wasting money on useless marketing or

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10 Reasons a Patient Would Leave You

Most patients or clients are not fickle. They have particularities and specific needs, and some are more challenging than others. The first appointment with them is of course crucial for the building of the relationship, but every appointment after that is just as vital.  Besides patients moving on (new city) or passing on, here are

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Is Marketing Driving You Crazy?

Marketing, marketing, marketing. Once upon a time, you just had to rent a space (oops, marketing), put a sign out front so people knew you were there (oops, more marketing), and you would attract patients or clients who would then tell others about you (oops, even more marketing), and your practice would fill up. Hmmm…

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Low Cost or No Cost Marketing

Want more new patients but don’t want to spend a fortune on marketing? Why should you when there is so many brilliant, free and easy ways to go about it? Our team spent 1-1/2 hours one morning last week putting our heads together to come up with a list of inside out marketing ideas for

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Who’s In Charge Of Marketing?

With each healthcare professional I meet one-on-one for the free practice analysis we offer, one of the many questions I always ask is:  “Who’s in charge of your marketing?” Over the last 28 years, I have gotten quite a variety of answers: What marketing? Nobody! We don’t do marketing in our practice – all our

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Marketing To Fill Up Your Practice

Perhaps your practice isn’t as fully booked out as you would like it.  Or maybe you want to build up a juggernaut and hire an associate so you have someone helping you take the practice to another level.  If yes to either supposition, then let’s do marketing and “fill ‘er up!” Here are some basic

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Email Newsletters and Loyalty Issues

Once upon a time, patients or clients rarely got marketed to by other practices. They chose their healthcare providers based on location or referral, and stuck with them unless one or the other moved away or passed on. They were not bombarded with envelopes of coupons in their mail boxes containing fliers for practices, nor

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Which comes first: Website or Social Media?

Like most healthcare professionals you probably want new patients or clients to knock at your front door, but which front door?  There is the physical front door to your office for walk-ins (though usually people call first to make an appointment).  And then there is the “virtual” front door … your website. If you do

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Keep them coming back

The Marketing Evolution

Owners of highly successful healthcare practices have many things in common, and one of them is that marketing runs in their blood.  It is a part of the practice that cannot be neglected or postponed or procrastinated on because it is how new patients find their way to you. Often when we ask a new

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