Social Media is a proven marketing tool used by big brands to reach their potential publics and thereby achieve their marketing goals. In just the same way, healthcare practitioners need to make their presence felt on the Social Media “scene.”

Let’s take Facebook for starters. At first glance, Facebook seems like a big time waster yet it has more than a billion users. There is a lot of interaction and communication taking place on Facebook and this fact indicates that it should not be shunned or ignored.

If you think about it, these conversations could be used to help raise awareness of your practice. Healthcare is a very social business – highly dependent on good relationships with your patients, your staff and your colleagues. Social Media allows you to make those connections and nurture those relationships.

The trick is how to use Social Media to engage your prospective clients and get them reaching to you. Here are the first few tips:

1. Have a plan.

Often times, people jump in without a clear strategy on how to go about it, then give up easily because they are not getting the results they’ve envisioned. The results you want are increased word of mouth bringing about more New Patients arriving in your practice.

2. Create a Facebook page for your practice, not a new personal profile.

Creating multiple accounts and profiles are against Facebook Terms of Service and can get you banned. Do it right the first time. Go to and set up an account. Don’t forget to upload some photos and personalize it to mirror your practice as well as providing relevant information such as your address, hours and contact information.

3. Accumulate some Fans.

Promote your page by asking your friends and family to “like” it (an option they can click on on your Facebook page). You can take it further by sending a short email to all your patients announcing your arrival on Facebook and inviting them to “like” it too. Make it easy for them to do so by providing a direct link to your page.

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