To recap Parts One and Two on this topic which were sent out to you recently:

0. Social media marketing is important for practices.
1. Have a plan.
2. Create a Facebook page for your practice (not a new profile).
3. Accumulate some Fans.
4. Update your status frequently.
5. Convert Your “Fans” into Patients.

Continuing on for this week:

6. Set Practice Policy with respect to Facebook and other Social Media.

Make full use of any and all privacy settings. You and your staff must be aware that all of your patients are going to be able to see whatever you have put out on the internet, including postings in Facebook, comments on other people’s Facebook profiles, articles that are published in your name, etc. For staff, the rule is: don’t post anything on your own personal Facebook profile that you wouldn’t want your boss or the patients of the practice to see. Nothing is totally private when on the internet.

7. Brand yourself.

How you are perceived by your patients, now and even more in the future, will be set by the information you post on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. What you stand for, believe in, ideas you promote or “like” on other people’s social media accounts reflects back on who YOU are.


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