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Feel Better about your desk

How to Feel Better about Your Desk

I have been in more than 100 practices over the years of meeting with practitioners about their businesses, and have seen with my own eyes the state of the nation regarding the desks within.  Some have been very impressive and were designed in a way to give the impression of a calm, cool and collected

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The Power Of Encouragement

Have you ever experienced an entire day … or week (or month … shudder at the thought) without anyone appreciating one or more of all the right and positive things you did? Ever feel unappreciated? Do you occasionally wonder if anyone cares that you put your heart and soul into producing excellent products? Maybe your

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Time For Change?

As a practice owner, you have a whole new year ahead of you and instituting positive, correct changes right NOW will make it a BETTER year.  It is like a blank slate.  You can write anything on it you want to.  Or you can do the same old, same old and have the same result

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Over Expansion

Is Overexpansion Possible?

Many practitioners are worried about getting too big too fast. Some don’t want to get big at all because of the concern of losing control of the practice. And others are anxious about keeping their work/life balance from going completely out of whack. Hmmm … but are these valid considerations? Can one actually expand rapidly

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Who’s Driving the Bus Anyway?

If I had a nickel for every practice owner who had staffing issues, I’d be rich! It’s the age old question of: Who is the source of staffing issues, the owner or the staff? As the practice owner you’d like to think it is the staff and the staff would like to think it’s you!

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On the Verge of Greatness

On the Verge of Greatness?

“Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends.” Brian Tracy “You can do anything you wish to do, have anything you wish to have, be anything you wish to be.” Robert Collier “Since most of us spend our lives doing ordinary tasks, the most important thing is to carry them

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Service Above and Beyond

Have you ever bought a product or paid for a service where you didn’t quite get what you thought you were paying for? Not quite the expected quality? Or not the level of service and care that you thought you were entitled to? Did you grumble about it to yourself and just resolve not to

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Increasing Efficiency

A practice can be a very busy environment and the pace can be fast and furious with patients coming and going.  It is easy for things to fall through the cracks.  Sometimes important things.  Things that are dropped service to the patients and cause upsets.  You may, as the boss, find yourself firing off orders

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Myths about Making Profit

Whether you own a practice or work in a practice, you probably have the same wish for left over income that you can put away for the future, right? Most people have their eye on something they would like to do or have, and that becomes a goal to work towards achieving. Having enough “profit”

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Butts In Chairs

While it’s wonderful to have a big (or small) practice location, if it is not busy enough, that’s a problem. Some of the reasons for the missing butts in your chairs may be: The public may not be aware of your practice. You aren’t standing out in front of your competition. You are not marketing

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Top Priority

The Top 3 Priorities

Once upon a time, the Practice Owner looked at her stats for the last week and gasped in dismay as she discovered a $4,000 drop in Billings from the week before. (Just the fact that she was paying attention to such a thing put her in the “above average” category as a CEO of a

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Super Staff

The Pop Can in Reception

There it has sat, for over half a day. The lonely, empty, unloved, discarded pop can left behind on a chair in reception by one of the many visitors to your practice today. While it is not a sin that no one on the staff team disposed of it, the fact is that it should

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