Is Overexpansion Possible?

Over Expansion

Many practitioners are worried about getting too big too fast. Some don’t want to get big at all because of the concern of losing control of the practice. And others are anxious about keeping their work/life balance from going completely out of whack.

Hmmm … but are these valid considerations? Can one actually expand rapidly and successfully without any of the above negative side effects happening?

No Such Thing

Yes! There is factually no such thing as overexpansion. The problem is underorganization! In order to grow smoothly and successfully, you need to organize and to do that you need to acquire some wicked good organization skills.

Good Organization

Effective leadership, great productivity and efficiency skills, ability to effectively train and guide your team, the tools to manage by your statistics on a weekly and monthly basis for accurate judgment of what is working or not working so correct management actions can be taken, having all the proper systems and structure in place such as staff meetings and job descriptions and an up-to-date policy manual and full protocols written up, an inspiring mission statement, games for the team, a bonus system based on managing by statistics, current marketing skills to fill the practice up with great new patients and clients, and so on.

Holding Yourself Back?

If these are not in place, you are holding yourself back and you are not going to reach your full potential. There is nothing to be afraid of if you know what you are doing. This is why we train our clients as executives and consult them to properly expand at quite a fast rate. On the other side of the picture, there are practitioners who are swamped by their practices which grew beyond their management skills and they barely cope through each day. We have had to save quite a few of these from themselves and their practices and get everything organized and under control so they regained their personal work/life balance.

Open The Door

The first barrier is thinking that you know everything you need to know already and that you have tried everything and nothing worked. Open the door to learning and become a top notch professional.

Throw away the worry and gain the skills. Don’t let underorganization hold you back from your full potential!

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