Time For Change?

As a practice owner, you have a whole new year ahead of you and instituting positive, correct changes right NOW will make it a BETTER year.  It is like a blank slate.  You can write anything on it you want to.  Or you can do the same old, same old and have the same result as last year.  You know the famous saying, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

So why don’t you take a few minutes right now to write down a few notes in answer to these questions:

(a)  What would you most like to improve in your practice?
(b)  What definitely needs changing?
(c)  What frustrates you about your practice?
(d)  What would make your practice more fun?
(e)  What technical improvements should you make?
(f)   What can be done to improve production?
(g)  What changes need to be made in scheduling?
(h)  What can be done to improve quality of service?
(i)   What internal marketing should you be doing?
(j)   What external marketing should you be doing?
(k)  What skills do you wish you had as a boss?
(l)   What would your ideal work hours be?
(m) What would your ideal net income be?

Okay, that was a short list of questions to get you looking at the state of the nation in your practice.  If you actually did answer the questions, you probably saw there are quite a few things that could be taken up a notch.  By the way, we have found that the better run a practice is, the more aware the practice owner is of things that can be improved.  Curious, isn’t it?

Now you need to work out how to remedy all the points you found.  May we recommend, very biased though we are, that you do like any top athlete would do:  find yourself a qualified coach (consulting and training company for healthcare professionals) to help you reach your peak performance.  May we recommend, very biased though we are, our services to you.  We have coached more than 1,500 healthcare professionals all across Canada for the last 27 years, and routinely help create very successful practices.  No cookie cutter approach either.  It’s YOUR goals that we work on with you.

Give us 3.5 hours for a complimentary, in-depth practice analysis (days, evenings or weekends available) and let us see what your full potential actually is and whether we can help you get there.  It’s a fun and enlightening meeting (in person or by Skype) and you will enjoy it.

Call NOW to make 2016 awesome!

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