Who’s Driving the Bus Anyway?

If I had a nickel for every practice owner who had staffing issues, I’d be rich! It’s the age old question of: Who is the source of staffing issues, the owner or the staff?

As the practice owner you’d like to think it is the staff and the staff would like to think it’s you! So what’s the truth of the matter?

Question: You hire a new person for reception. Your practice is very busy. She doesn’t have much experience but is willing. You find she is feeling overwhelmed on her job, is making mistakes and can’t keep up. The other girls are annoyed with her. What should you do?

Possible Answer #1: If the receptionist was never apprenticed and shown how to do all the parts of the job, this would be an error in your skills as a boss in not ensuring that she was properly trained.

Possible Answer #2: However, if you have tried to properly train her and she just doesn’t catch on, she may not be the right person for that job.

And so it goes, situation by situation.

In my experience, when you work with the practice owner and show him how to be a better boss, staff issues start becoming less and less an issue until they become a thing of the past.

The moral of this story is, if you want the bus to arrive on time, you correct and train the bus driver.

It’s not too late to make this a year to remember!

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