Menu of Services vs. Engaging Questions

Having looked at many hundreds of healthcare websites and fliers over the years, we have found that a vast majority listed out all the types of service they offer at their practice.

According to the most successful marketing people, this is a big no-no.  For starters, the average patient or client doesn’t necessarily know what all the terms you use actually mean.  That alone could cause a “disconnect” and they may tune out and drift off – possibly to another website or throw the flier out.

The best way to capture the prospects attention is by asking them simple questions.  For example, a dental office could say:

Wish your teeth were straighter?
Want your teeth to be whiter?
Does your jaw joint hurt when you chew?
Hate the gaps in your mouth?
Gums bleed when brushing your teeth?

This is called “engaging” the prospect’s attention – it makes them think about what you’re asking and has been proven to be far more effective in creating a connection or bond than simply listing a bunch of technical services that you deliver.
The trick with asking questions is to keep them short and simple.  The easier they are to answer, the faster the connection between you and the prospect.

Take a few minutes to write down the exact reasons that a patient or client comes into your practice to handle or solve.  What are the most common reasons?  Use those on your website home page or on fliers and other promo that goes out of your office.

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