Petty Stuff vs. Big Picture

Team Work

In any practice, being that we are all human beings, there can be a lot of petty small stuff that goes on that irritates or aggravates one another and makes working together a bit annoying at times.

One of the handlings is to have well written job descriptions, an active policy manual and detailed written protocols. This is NOT to imply that you never pitch in and help each other out so that the patients or clients get the ideal care that your practice wants to deliver.

It is important, however, to maintain a consistent striving towards “the Big Picture” … i.e. why is the practice there at all? What is the vision for the practice? What do you want to be known for? What makes your practice unique? What exactly do your patients or clients want from your practice (besides the obvious which is their treatment)?

Once you have answered the above questions and worked out the Vision Statement (Big Picture) together, you can then align the various actions and functions that are needed in order to bring above this Vision Statement.

If all actions in the practice from marketing, to staffing, to scheduling, to recalls/reminders, to treatment, and so on are aligned to the Vision Statement you all worked out and agreed on, and everyone is working in that direction, the minor difficulties of relationships tend to disappear as everyone has the same purpose and are working together.

How does the petty stuff align with the Big Picture? It doesn’t. So ditch it and try the above!

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