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While word of mouth is everyone’s preferred method of acquiring more new business, relying on it as your only marketing “tool” may keep you from reaching the productivity levels you might be wishing for.

Marketing is one of the many skills needed in order to have the practice of your dreams.  The one thing that you CAN and MUST do is make a written, organized marketing plan.  It requires a fleshed out, detailed strategy.

Start by getting with your team members or a creative friend and make a long list of things that COULD be done, that you have heard of being done by other professionals or businesses.  Think big and outside the box.  Think of ideas that can be done inside the practice and then ones that can be done externally.

Pick a few of the easy and least costly ideas and write up a short plan.  It doesn’t have to be for the next 5 years.  It’s a starter.  If carried out, it should generate more income and then you can use some of that increase to tackle some more advanced or costly marketing ideas, which should then generate more new business and so on.

Once you find that a marketing method works, keep it permanently on the list and do not drop it out.  Consistency is very key to a good marketing strategy.

A well-planned, consistently executed written, organized marketing plan can make all the difference in the success of any practice.

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