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Like you, your staff often have hidden talents that could be an asset to the practice in unexpected ways.  These don’t always show up in initial interviews or even every day on the job.

For instance, they may be great at interior design, have a green thumb for the plants of the practice, be a Facebook and/or Twitter expert for your marketing, be a graphic designer (for promotion), be a creative genius for marketing, have the “knack” for taking care of disgruntled patients or clients, bake great pies and cakes for celebrating the team birthdays, like working out socially responsible activities (i.e. contributions in terms of time or money to community service activities as a practice), and so on.

The everyday functions that everyone is “expected” to do as part of their job descriptions can become mundane and sometimes it is fun to add some sparkle to the job by having additional, fun functions.

In fact, every job description should have at the end, “And anything else that contributes to the survival and well being of the group.”

You could have some fun “interviewing” your staff at a meeting or even one-on-one to get their thoughts on what they could contribute that would be interesting to them.

And don’t forget about yourself … you too may have a asset outside of your professional skill that could create some more dimension to your practice.

Have some fun with this!

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