Are You Getting Enough Family Time?

Family Time

Work, work, work.  Sometimes it seems to never end.  Due to the pandemic regulations, many practices have had to extend hours to see the same number of patients as before.  Even when you’re finished treating patients for the day, you may find yourself taking odds and ends of work home with you to finish after supper while the kids watch TV instead of playing with you.

Work/Life Balance

If you would like to change this way of life for a better work/life balance, the key may be to think outside the box with regard to your scheduling.  Many practitioners have a practice schedule that does not work for their lifestyle anymore as they have added family into the picture.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change

Practice schedules CAN be changed, which is probably a good place to start.  Toss aside all those thoughts about whether patients will come during the hours that YOU prefer.  Just check around with other practices as to their hours and you will usually find that they are all over the map; and yet, they are fully booked.  Factually you and your practice will attract the people who can come during your hours and you can get fully booked in the hours you choose.  You will find that they will come when you are available, so set your schedule for what you want.

Scheduling According to YOU

Not a morning person?  Start at 10 a.m. and go till 6 p.m.  Have kids who need picking up after school?  Start at 7 a.m. (your spouse could drive the kids in the morning) and you leave the office at 3 p.m. to go pick them up.  Want to work 4 days per week instead of 5?  Do four 8-hour days per week instead of four 7-hour days and half of Friday.  That way you can have a 3-day weekend.  Some of our clients wanted to work 2 days per week instead of 5, and so we built up the practice to accommodate associates and voila – more income for our client and fewer hours at the same time.  Anything is possible!

Implement the Change

You can do the change suddenly or gradually sneak it into place.  Your staff will probably have to be “sold” on it too but it is YOUR practice and they are there to work for you.  You need to do what is best for you and your family – that is why you have your own business.  Also, it is important so that you give your patients your undivided attention and the highest quality care … and that will be more present if you have a schedule that works for you.

Make the change and enjoy your new and improved work/life balance!


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