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What if Your Practice Got Busier?

What WOULD happen if your practice got busier?  This is a very important question as your answers may be what are holding your practice back from reaching its full potential.  Many healthcare professionals are afraid of growth for a variety of different reasons. These resistances can be removed and replaced with enthusiasm and growth.  Below,

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Are you an Inspiring Leader?

Sometimes life can feel a little flat and not so interesting and you may wonder why you even bother doing what you do.  Especially after a patient or client dumps all over you for something you did or didn’t do.  And to make matters worse, if you are the boss, you are supposed to be

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Marketing To Fill Up Your Practice

Perhaps your practice isn’t as fully booked out as you would like it.  Or maybe you want to build up a juggernaut and hire an associate so you have someone helping you take the practice to another level.  If yes to either supposition, then let’s do marketing and “fill ‘er up!” Here are some basic

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Is Your Practice Underachieving

Is Your Practice Underachieving?

Most practice owners, if they are honest with themselves, feel that there is room for improvement and growth in their practices.  What those changes are and how to achieve them is, however, often a mystery or a frustration or both. There are thousands of aspects to a practice that determine whether it reaches its full

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The Face of Your Practice

When healthcare professionals say, “My front desk…” they are not usually referring to the piece of furniture in the reception area but rather to the living, breathing human being taking care of business at the front of the practice.  This person is the “face” of your practice and hugely responsible for the success of your

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Down Statistic

Don’t Believe Your Friends and Colleagues

So the picture is this:  Your practice seems to be in a slump for the last couple of months, and of course you try this and try that and nothing seems to bring the numbers back up.  Then you start to wonder if it is “the recession” or some kind of temporary economic “down turn”

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Boredom Cure

The Boredom Cure

Ever feel like “the walking dead” some days?  Everything has become a monotony?  Have to push yourself to keep going? There are probably a whole bunch of possible reasons and a million cures, but I have observed healthcare professionals closely for 25 years now and there are two sources for boredom that are the most

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Whats your superpower

What is YOUR Superpower?

The staff of one of my clients recently had some sweatshirts made saying, “I’m a Vet Tech, What’s YOUR superpower?”  How’s that for confidence in who you are! It got me to thinking, what is MY superpower?  Maybe I have more than one! I thought of one that everyone who knows me says:  “You always

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“What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate”

This is a famous line out of a great movie “Cool Hand Luke,” and while it was said in a bit of a threatening way in the movie, it has always stuck with me as a truism in almost any management difficulty I have encountered. Here are some of the symptoms of a failure to

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Monkeying Around

Going in to work every day can be a drudgery or a feel like a duty to show up.  Same old, same old.  Everyone reports in and gets on with the day. Then there are the bad news bears (sometimes patients, sometimes staff) that bring in negativity and bad news to the practice.  Brings everyone

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Team Work

The Unsung Hero of Practice Success

A practice is as successful as each of its members is interested in contributing to its success.  Also, an individual is as successful as he or she actually contributes to the success of his or her group.  So we can safely assume that, in order to expand, succeed and thrive in today’s crazy, overly competitive

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Vision for your Practice

Internal marketing has hundreds of aspects to it, but there are some that are more vital than others.  Having a “vision” for the practice is one of these. While more money may be an underlying motivation for growing your practice, you won’t find many patients or clients that want to come into your practice to

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